So We’ve All Heard

Everyone under the sun has heard the expression that we must stop and smell the roses.  May I venture to say that perhaps we should take it one step further and stop to observe the milkweed?

I never really paid much attention at all to milkweed in the past, but a couple of years ago, a friend advised me that the beautiful Monarch Butterfly only lays its eggs in milkweed plants.  Since I really love those gorgeous little winged creatures of black and orange, I gained a great deal of respect for that otherwise less than comely weed!

I dropped Michelle off at college this morning and then decided that since it was an extraordinary morning,  I would go for a little ride in the country.  I was thoroughly prepared for such an outing,  complete with my companion, the Nikon camera.  Although there was a stiff breeze,  the air was mild enough not to cause undue chilling and the skies above were glorious.

As always, I opted to travel on roads I’ve not taken previously.  As I drove along the country roads,  I noticed many little milkweed plants nodding in the sunny breezes.  The autumn sun illuminated the silky heads bursting from their protective pods and the tiny strands glistened and danced about, grasping my attention and then absolutely fascinating my imagination as I spent time observing and photographing them….

This was the original plant that so captivated my wandering eye.  I parked the Explorer off to the side of the road, then hopped out to hopefully get a good shot at it.  Unfortunately, as I walked toward the plant,  I became aware that as I advanced toward the little weed,  I was trudging downward and (fortunately for me!)  I stopped abruptly just short of trouncing into a drainage ditch.

Was I discouraged?  No. Was I frustrated?  No.  I figured that further down the road, there would be yet another plant in a more convenient location, rending itself a bit more friendly to the camera and me.  I was happy I was feeling so optimistic as I didn’t have to go too far before I found a few more plants clustered together at the edge of the road.

These photos would best be viewed if one were to click on them to enlarge them. 

I took many more photos on my little morning jaunt and I will publish them over another day or two. In the meantime, I would like to encourage you, Dear Reader, to go beyond the roses…or even the beautiful mums that are providing splashes of color all about this time of the year,  and look into the more everyday and even less than beautiful to see God’s hand!