Mister Moon

Let me tell one small story!  As I was looking through my photos on the SD card this morning,  I was surprised I missed the shot I took last evening of the moon, so I thought I would just add it on this morning.  What to title the photo?  Why, Mister Moon, of course!

Mister Moon…suddenly my mind flashed back to my hometown to, of all things, Mr. Moon!  Mr. Moon was a real person who was said to have been “loaded”.  Mr. Moon lived in a very modest little house and (of all things!) rode a bicycle around town.  I have no idea if he ever even owned a car!

So, I guess in honor of Mr. Moon, here is a photo of Mister Moon, taken from my (and Mr. Moon’s) hometown!

I also am tagging on a photo of little Murphy.  (Carol, this one is for you! Thank you for your comment!)  Our Scotties love, adore, cherish car trips!  If I didn’t know better, I would think these little boys were *born* in a car!! Angus rides up front and Murphy takes the back.

Yesterday, Ben rode up front with Mark and the two menfolk chatted on about snowmobiles.

Michelle, Murphy, and I were squished into the back seat.  Mark had his computer bag,  Michelle brought her large backpack with books so she could do some homework,  and I had my netbook, two camera bags, and a purse.  Well, even though we drive a pickup truck, space really is limited!

And so, wee Murphy just finds a comfortable spot and makes himself at home….

hehehe….here he is just resting his head on my camera bag!

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  1. Mr. Moon is (was, perhaps?) a real person in Lima, too. He was the high school gym teacher/coach, a handsome man with blue eyes and curly black hair, and to the dismay of most of the teenage girls, married to a lovely woman with whom they had around eight beautiful children.

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