Let the Snow Fly!

Today, we basically ran all over creation…this part, at least!

Mark had called a fellow who had listed a small snowmobile on Craig’s List.  Mark, out of the blue,  asked said fellow if he might just happen to have any other sleds available for sale.  It just so happened this guy had a “two-up” sled…this is one that holds both a driver and passenger. 

Mark got pretty excited when the man described it as being in really nice shape.  It is a 2006 machine that his wife drove and it only had 581 miles on it.  Mark decided this one was worth seeing, so Ben hitched up the trailer this morning and off we went.

We drove on small roads as Mark wasn’t thrilled about towing an empty trailer at high speeds along te thruway.  We saw so many absolutely beautiful scenes as we meandered through small towns and villages over toward Fredonia, near Lake Erie. There were golden leaves,  peaceful cows grazing along bright green pastures,  fields being harvested for corn for the granary, and even windfarms we had no idea existed!  That awesome autumn sunshine made its appearance and just made the atmosphere so exhilarating!  Even though the drive was rather long, the scenery along the way made it seem far shorter!

We arrived early afternoon at our destination and after spending some time giving the sled a good looking over,  Mark settled on a price and we loaded it up to haul it back home.  I noted the time and asked Mark if I should call my parents about meeting for dinner.  He said yes, so I called my mom and surprised her! 

We met for dinner at the Rod and Gun Club and as always, went away feeling so satisfied! 

I could have taken so many photos today, but time just was not on my side.  I always feel a tad cheated as such, but also realize if I stopped for each and every photo op I see,  little else would get done! Following are from today.

The rod and gun club where we had dinner with my parents and Randy.  As you can see, the late afternoon sun was doing its magic,  magnifying all the colors and just making everything look so great.

The new-to-us sled on the trailer.

If you live near water, you can see in this photo the lake was far from calm!  Mark called out for me to see the sailboat, but when I went to take the photo,  I could see this wasn’t just a sailboat, but a yacht.  The weather was windy like crazy and accompanying the wind was some chilly weather!  I was shocked to see this vessel on the lake….it seemed too cold!

Since I didn’t post yesterday, I have decided to share a few photos that weren’t taken today, but are still on the SD card.

Our weather has been changeable as can be!  Yesterday when we took Ben to college,  there was a low lying rainbow in the sky north of Canandaigua. 

And not only was the sundog cool, but look at the sky….those clouds were incredible!

My one last photo is a closeup of my holly bush.  I just love the waxy green leaves and red berries!  They remind me of my very favorite time of the year!

So….the holly bush has lots and lots of little red berries this year.  Do you suppose that means we might have a harder than usual winter this year?