Going Non-Electric!

Well, for the afternoon, anyway!

No, we didn’t lose our electric…I was off to visit with my Amish friend, Eunice.

I couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful day to travel down to visit my friend.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was pretty warm, and a stiff breeze was causing the sparkling hues of Autumn to tumble downward like falling rain.

And I did stop at the South Bristol Overlook to take an obligatory Autumn-on-Canandaigua-Lake shot.

Even with all the beautiful surroundings,  my mind was on my visit.  I was going to write to Eunice and ask if it was okay to visit on such and such a day,  but I figured with a wee small baby as well as a two-year-old,  her hands were full and it might be hard for her to write back.  So, I took a chance!

Eunice’s house was not always Old Order Amish.  It actually was “Englisch” before they bought it last year.  It still has some modern ammenities such as a satellite dish on the roof and electric wiring,  but of course, these things are now non-working.

Eunice’s little boy was always very shy around me, but when I met him previously, he was surrounded by relatives and he had no need for the likes of me!  Today, however, was quite different as the little fellow warmed up to me and as I helped Eunice put up some chicken and broth for chicken noodle soup,  he hugged my leg several times!  I guess looking at books together was a great way to break the ice!  He has brown eyes and the most awesome golden riglets!

Little Baby Susanna is now over four pounds and I could see she has grown since the last time I saw her.  She is so sweet and loves being cuddled by her mom. 

Being Old Order Amish means that my friends cannot be photographed.  Such a shame as I saw so many fantastic ops for some beautiful mother-daughter shots.  That’s okay, though, as I think many of the things I saw today will remain etched in my mind’s eye. 

I did take one shot as I was leaving today…of buggies in the barn.

I thoroughly enjoyed this visit and cannot wait for another!  Eunice said to come by again and little Chris (her son) mimicked the invitation.  I am sure I will visit again!

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  1. Beautiful shots! I recognize the view from the SB Overlook. You’ve got more color than we found on Sunday.
    Glad to hear the baby’s doing so well. It’s hard to even imagine having to bathe and diaper a teeny 4-pounder.

  2. Beliefs, even if they seem odd to us, need to be respected, however I’d find it very strange not to have photographs of my kids as they grew up.

    Lovely autumnal photographs.

  3. I recognize the spot in those photographs!! We need to take a ride over there. I’m very interested in the culture of the Amish. I really need to schedule a lunch with you!!! I have to agree with “An Honest Man”…it must be difficult not to have any photos of your children as they grow up!

  4. Madeline, I hope Eunice wasn’t offended, but when she asked if I wanted to hold Susanna, I declined! She is TOO small!!! Actually, I explained I didn’t know if it would be wise to expose her….she was tucked inside a bassinet and looked so cozy in there!

    Yes Bill, I love looking back on old photos. I took a picture of the wee fawn I had seen in the woods along with me. I’m not certain what can and cannot be found in an Amish household. Anyway, little Chris loved the photo, so I asked Eunice and she said he could have it. He was so cute, looking at it and pointing to the big ears!!!

    Yes Jeanne! Let’s get together!!!

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