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I was made aware that making comments on my blog was confusing.  Sorry about that! (Although I need to delete so many SPAM comments each and every day!) 

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Tired of Autumn Yet?

Uh, I don’t that will happen with many folks….seems everyone I speak to says they love the colors and air of autumn!

Yesterday afternoon, we got a real treat when my Aunt Lynda and Uncle Ron stopped by for a (far too short!) visit at our house.  We laughed and talked nonstop, trying to catch up on years and years of life!  I haven’t seen my aunt and uncle in far too long and it was so great just to see them!

After my aunt and uncle left,  Mark asked if I got any photos of them.  Oh my goodness!  I had intentionally left the little Panasonic camera sitting out to take some photos, and I completely FORGOT!  Lynda even took a photo of Mark, Ben, and I (Michelle was at Cindy’s, working)  and I was so numb, (cannot even *think* of another word…sheesh!!!)  I didn’t even think to grab the camera! Argh!!!!

I did happen to capture the sun and brilliant golden leaves outside the house lighting up the inside!!! I took this photo wondering if the golden reflection would show up…and it did!  Reminds me of Thomas Kinkade’s paintings!

We had to go pick Michelle up from work shortly after Aunt Lynda and Uncle Ron left, but I did have my camera at hand when I saw this from the porch…

As much as I love seeing paintings of autumn scenes, only God can create something so marvelous as this!

Michelle and Ben met some friends after Michelle finished working and went out for some Chinese.  Mark and I ran up to Canandaigua before picking them up a little later and going home.  I love the way the moon looked last night.

What a fun day yesterday was!  How I wish days like this would linger on and on!