A Ride on an Awesome Autumn Afternoon

Mark has been working hard to get our ATV’s portable.  We bought a snowmobile trailer a while ago that measures eight feet wide by fourteen feet long….this is large enough to hold all three of our vehicles.  Mark has dreamed for years of someday being able to transport our machines to trails around our area and beyond.  Our new trailer has made this dream a reality!

On Wednesday afternoon, Ben, Mark, and I took the machines to a most amazing trail about forty miles from our house.  I am about to take you on a most wonderful tour, featuring Autumn in New York’s Finger Lakes Region.  If you don’t find this incredible,  I shall be rather surprised!

I think the trees in the photo below might be Beech….I love the way the falling long pine needles got caught on the leaves!

It is almost midnight and I am so tired from our ride.  These are half of my photos I selected, so I will post the last ones tomorrow.  Hope you have found one or two that caught your eye!