Off to Grandma’s

I’m not sure why, exactly, but todaywas off to a terribly slow start.  It seemed like the kids, Mark, and I were all out of sync.  We  just couldn’t get together and get out of the house as early as we had anticipated.

Finally, we all ambled out the door and were off to do some work at the home of my mother-in-law.  I had painted her back steps leading to a sunroom a couple years ago, but they are in need of paint once again.  Mark and Ben had already placed some cement board on a garage wall that had previously been plastered, then coated with a thin stucco coating.  The backer board and plaster had acted as a wicking agent, causing the wall to buckle and slump.  With the new cement board up, Mark and Ben will add joint compound to build up the variances between the new board and previously plastered wall.

We arrived early afternoon and Mark and Ben immediately began their work.  I used a sander to take out imperfections on the railings and stairs and to smooth out rough spots on the stairs.  Unfortunately, with all the rain we have received the past week,  everything was still a tad wet.  I brushed everything off when I was done, then went over some spots on the stairs where mildew had formed from all the wet weather.  I used bleach on the spots and they faded away quickly.

We will need to go back to the house at least a couple more times.  I will need to prime then paint the staircase.  Ben and Mark will need to finish with mudding the wall, then prime and stucco the wall.

We didn’t get home until nearly eight this evening and everyone is a bit tired.  It was a beautiful autumn day filled with bright blue skies and lots of sunshine!