A Cool Find, Even in the Wet Dreary Weather

I am always looking at our maple trees, as those nasty gypsy moth caterpillars seem to favor them at one stage or another in their life process.  They make a little cocoon and cause the leaves curl up…infuriating me, to be sure.  There are times when I wish the DEC would just spray and eradicate those nasty buggers all together! Every spring, I feel a sense of anxiety building, wondering how the leaf canopy will be destroyed.  Ah well, ’nuff said.

As I was walking the Scottie boys down the driveway today,  I looked up at a young maple and felt my blood once again boiling as I spotted what looked like a communal cocoon!  Argh!

I reached up into the tree branch and slowly lowered it down to eye level.  What I saw was not a cocoon at all.

What I was looking at was a tiny nest!

The maple leaf to the left was rather small….perhaps only two and a half inches across. This gives a good idea of the size of this little nest, as does this….

I thought this was a hummingbird nest,  but it is far too large for that! I am thinking this is probably a little wren’s nest.  Whatever the case, what a lovely  find this was on such a damp and dreary day! Now I will wait until spring, seeing just who moves into this sweet little home!

Our weather has been very wet.  The ground is so waterlogged, it is like walking on a sponge-water just oozes out around one’s shoe as it squishes no matter how lightly one treads! The good news is that even in the drenching rains, we closed the pool securely for another winter.  What a relief to have that done.  The leaves were beginning to fall into it and they make a terrible mess! Although our weather forecast originally called for clearing skies tomorrow, the blues skies have now been pushed back (or is it forward) until Friday! Well, here’s to brighter skies! (Oh, and not to worry….I am so totally enjoying this weather…doing [endless] laundry, reading a book, and not feeling the least bit guiltyabout it!)