Would You, Seriously?

Here’s the deal.  As we were looking at parks and DEC lands the other day,  I saw something that caught my eye.  Not too far from our home is a park called Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  Can you guess how it got its name?

If you answered that there might be rattlesnakes there,  then take a bow! The park is located in a fairly isolated area with not a whole lot going on around it. 

We were excited to find another place where Mark can ride the ATV through trails and there are also several horse trails there. Mark, Ben, and I decided to do another little explore while Michelle was working.  Off we went…Here are a few photos from our adventure….

So, my Dear Reader, would you be inclined to visit  a park with such  an ominous name?  It really is a beautiful, unspoiled area that harbors many pretty trails. I’m glad we looked at this area, but it probably would be better to visit when the weather is much drier!  We will  be going back to this park again!

And no, no signs of rattlers anywhere! (Thank you, Lord!)