Picture this….

if you will!

Today was a relatively busy day.  I took Michelle down to work with Cindy this morning, then came home.  Mark was a little upset as he couldn’t find the key he was given to use on DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) lands.  He called the fellow in charge and found he could get a replacement by picking it up.  The office is located 40 miles away, but we decided to make the trip.

We needed to get some good cleaner for the Scottie ears as they have been itching some.  That required a trip over to Penn Yan. 

Mark, Ben, and I left this afternoon and headed to Bath for the key.  Shortly after we left home, I realized I had no camera with me.  I had the Panasonic in my hand, but when I went back in the house to get something,  I set it down and rushed back out without it.  Thus, this most beautiful day was photoless.  My heart was crushed….

We picked up the key, then stopped for a Chinese lunch.  We took a slight diversion up into some awesome hills to find an ATV trail system.  It wandered through the hills and around pastures and farmland.  It was a gorgeous trip with amazing sights.

We drove on over to  Penn Yan and I picked up the ear cleaner.  I cleaned each of the boy’s ears and am noticing they have not scratched at their ears since. Hurrah if this works.  The vet tech who spoke to us on the phone earlier wondered about a yeast infection, but there would be an odor associated with that and thankfully, that isn’t the case.

We picked Michelle up at 6:00 this evening and by that time, I was so tired!  Not sure why I felt so run down, but it might have been the stress of camera withdrawal. I’m pretty sure that was it.

I went to bed at about 9:30 and was enjoying a peaceful sleep when Ben came into the room yelling about a power outage.  I laid in bed for a few minutes, wondering why I should care about a power outage.  After all, who cares when one is sleeping?

Mark called our service provider,  Rochester Gas and Electric. (RG&E)  Mark reported the outage, then asked if I would drive up the road to see if anyone else was without power.  I drove up the hill, then down, only to see that we were the sole powerless home. 

Mark made another call to RG&E and spoke with a woman there.  She told Mark that the crew was on their way and they said the transformer might be bad or a fuse at the transformer might have blown.

We waited around. I was thinking the men might come into the house, so I straightened up with my tiny LED flashlight in hand.  I had tried to turn on the main breaker in the basement earlier, but it was a no go.

Probably within half an hour of  Mark’s call, we heard what sounded like a very large truck coming up the hill.  Sure enough,  the truck made its way along, finally honing in on our pole. 

Suddenly, our dark and lightless-at-night road was lit up like a small city!  Needless to say, I ran upstairs….

Yes, even without a fast lens, there was enough light to capture the action! There were two men working down at the pole.  They, of course, talked loudly to communicate, making this whole “event” seem so surreal!

The above was an artistic capture that I really did take on purpose, moving slightly as the image was taken.  I love the result!

So, back to the task at hand.  As the men talked back and forth, there was a noticeable increase in noise.  With the yellow lights on top of the truck flashing,  bright spotlights shining in all directions, and the otherwise pitch black sky with zillions of stars above, this whole setting was like something from a Hollywood movie set!  Honestly, when the noise increased, it sounded like what Hollywood might conjure up for a UFO sound!  I discovered, however, it was something to do with the cherry-picker.  Shortly after the motor noise increased,  I saw the lights rising in the sky.

Our house sits back about 150 feet from the road.  As you can see, when the lights from the cherry-picker shone down from above,  the road was very well lighted! (Wonder what the neighbors across the road might have thought?)

Well, finally, the truck came up the driveway.  Notice the lack of lights!  And believe me,  the headlights on this truck were bright!

I lit my little flashlight and one of the men appeared and told me the fuse at the pole had “popped”.   I hurried downstairs to turn on the main breaker.  As soon as the lights came on, the big truck backed on down the driveway, leaving before I even made it back upstairs from the basement!

Mark laughed, thinking these fellows probably attend to such activities all night long.  We never got to ask what caused or why the fuse popped, but we wondered if the overabundant rain might have played a part in all this.

After all the excitement of the night,  I am finding myself no longer tired.  Oh well, I will try to rest. In the meantime,  I am so grateful for people who work the night shift, helping us to keep the power flowing!

Oh, and one more thing….the night sky was just absolutely stunning tonight!  As I stood looking up, I realized I would have missed seeing this had the power not gone out…just another one of those blessings in disguise!

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  1. Sure glad that you have your power back on now! It is a shame that you were not able to photograph your beautiful afternoon adventure!!

  2. What an exciting middle of the night. We lost power a couple weeks ago when a fire at the power generating plant near Strong caused the explosive blowing of a transformer. From our house it sounded like a gunshot!

    Joe actually rolls his head around on the floor when his ears need to be cleaned. Sarah very carefully uses Q-tips and a foamy solution to clean them out. He hates it, but tolerates it because he feels so much better when it’s done.

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