Our Pool Runneth Over!

Yesterday’s big event here was….Rain!!!!!  Yes, we were forewarned about “substantial” rainfall the night before.

Now, doesn’t the word “substantial” indicated “enough”?  Let’s see….one might say, “He earns a substantial income.”?  Ah well, what’s the difference. right?  Well,  I went outside yesterday morning at 7:30 and placed a five gallon bucket on a flat surface in the yard.  Weird, I know.  It all had to do with a conversation I overheard (no, I was not eavesdropping….a young lady was sitting on a chair in front of the store, speaking loudly enough to be heard quite easily!!!) the day before when said young lady told the person she was speaking to that we were supposed to get between four and six inches of rain.

Call me Sarah (as in the Bible….Abraham’s wife) but I am not easily persuaded we will ever get near the amount of rainfall forecast….ever!  We seem to live in the shadow of the hills to our west. The rain falls over on t’other side of the hills, but seems to evaporate by the time the clouds make it over here.

Yesterday?  Well, there is always an exception to the rule, right? 

I went outside with my faithful yardstick this morning.  I discovered that between yesterday at 7:30 am, until this morning,   it had rained a whopping 3 /12 inches!  Now, mind you, it had begun raining well before 7:30 am yesterday! By the time I had placed the bucket outside, the back yard was already feeling quite “soggy” or spongy as I walked across it.  By golly, I would think we had at least four inches. 

The (still uncovered) pool in the back yard is sooo full. The skimmer is thrusting out splashes of water, and after I take Michelle down to work, I will be removing water from it with the pump.  Amazing! 

Okay, now if this was, say….snow instead of rain,  we would have about four FEET of it on the ground!