Shopping is far from one of my favorite things to do.  I have become miserably inept at it, as a matter of fact!  I often think some of the smartest shoppers are those who frequently glean the ads from stores, planning a stategy,  and then venturing forth, knowing exactly what they are looking to purchase.  I guess that requires a good bit of logic, and I fail when it comes to such sensible purchasing power.  I am, it seems, a sucker.  I am the one that large corporations hire expensive marketing people to lure….easily swayed by verbiage and packaging that a savvy shopper would pooh-pooh!

There, I’ve said it! 

Mark, on the other hand, is one of those shopping elite, who spends hours researching and reading not only marketing blurbs, but also reading customer reviews.  He is able to weigh claims to cold, hard facts and formulate his own theory.  Mark is able to cut through the balogna and buy with confidence.  Oh how marketing must shudder seeing a well-educated shopper like Mark!

After doing much research,  we went out shopping today for a snowmobile.  There are four major manufacturers from which to shop-Arctic Cat,  Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha.  Mark and I found a brand new holdover sled that we thought would make a nice second sled for the kids and me.   It was an Arctic Cat with a small engine and one of the large dealers had it listed.

Mark and Ben had a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s before checking out our first stop. Ben laughed as we pulled into a parking spot while he and Mark ate.   This pair of gulls had found a perfect resting place to check out customers who might have a tidbit for the scavengers.  Ben said at least the car was white…

We arrived at the dealer’s shortly before lunch time this morning.  We strolled out back where the snowmobiles are stored and began looking at their inventory.  Now, Mark, Ben, and I were all looking together.  We sat on several models,  looked under the cowls at engines,  and asked a lot of questions.  The net result of visiting this dealership was that the salesman was full of hot air.  And himself.  We unanimously agreed that this dealership was nearly falsifying information to get customers inside their doors.  This stop was not without some good, though, as Mark also sat on some machines and reformulated his thinking on what might be best for his needs.

Mark said there was another dealer not too far from the first and he wanted to check them out as well.  This dealership was much more palatable.  Although selling older machines that were used, there was no air of balogna and the salesman,  who just also happens to be the owner,  was truthful and to the point.  He seemed almost cold,  but without a lot of words,  we knew he wasn’t stretching the truth.  He allowed the integrity of his inventory to speak for itself. 

After our second stop,  we stopped in the small town of Spencerport briefly while Mark fiddled with the GPS.

I’ve mentioned before how valuable I find storyboards located along points of interest.  This one provided information once again…I never knew why Rochester was termed the “flour city”.  Matter of fact,  I wasn’t even sure if it was “flour” or “flower”!   Well, thanks to this sotryboard,  I am now the wiser!

I love that one can get a self-guided education! Boy, would it be fun to drive the length of the Erie Canal and stop in all the towns.  I think one could reap a wealth of information! 

You might have noticed from my photos that today was dismal, dreary,  and drizzly!  I think it might have even qualified for the Scottish term “dreich”,  as it was also chilly and well, miserable!  Perhaps it wouldn’t have seemed so bad if I hadn’t had a headache.  This wasn’t just a headache, but felt like someone had placed visegrips on more than one point on my head!

We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch,  hoping some food would lessen the throbbing I was experiencing.  Taco Bell has these ridiculous lunches for $2.00.  I like one that comes with a gordita.  I got the $2.00 lunch which also included a soda and a small bag of Doritos. 

Eating was so satisfying and I chuckled as I munched, thinking this food was like comfort food.  I was almost convinced the headache was going away!  Then, when my food was all gone,  I realized I was still hungry!  This caused me to do something I have never, ever done before!  I actually ate a second gordita and bag of chips, giving Mark my soda! 

We had one more stop to look at a snowmobile Mark had found on Craig’s list,  being offered by an individual.  This was a bit of a drive,  and so I closed my eyes in the back seat and relaxed. 

We arrived and the young man selling the machine brought it around on the grass so we could see it.  He pulled up near Mark and as soon as the machine stopped,  out hopped a little field mouse with a wee baby attached!  Mark said it almost looked like the mouse was giving birth,  but it might have been nursing.  In any event,  the mouse ran under a car and hid. 

Lucky me to have had my camera all ready to go! By the time I kneeled down on the wet ground to photograph the tiny duo,  Mrs. Mouse had picked up her youngster in her mouth and was darting about, trying to find a safe place!

The young man selling this particular machine was honest and very willing to show his machine, even mentioning things that needed to be attended to, as he hadn’t driven the unit last year.  Mark chatted with this fellow for quite a while and as they spoke,  the rain picked up and turned from drizzle to actual rainfall.

It was an interesting day out-interesting seeing people at their best. And worst!  All in all, it was a day in which we learned some and realized one can never really shop solely by research, nor recommendation!  It was a day when Mark and Ben learned lots of new things.  And me?  Why, yes!  I might just have become a better shopper myself!

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  1. Ah, alas, there is indeed some more pondering and such to be done. Mark spotted what looks like a good fit today, but he really needs to sit on the machine to see if it is doable. Some machines just stretch his legs too much and it ends up being way too uncomfortable!

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