Looking Up…Literally!

As Mark and I were driving along Broadway in Buffalo last Sunday after the Sabres camp,  I had my Nikon camera with me, but we had to move along, as we needed to break camp at the campground.  The sky was a gorgeous blue and the sun was generous.  

I opened the window for this shot…

Opened the window and leaned out for this one….

This church seened like a bit of a sad statement.  It is located in a run down neighborhood as the boarded windows testify.

The church is very beautiful, but looks abandoned; however, the yellow sign in the above photo encourages folks to attend the 10 am mass on Sundays.

There are a few churches located on the route we traveled, but it is hard to capture good shots doing “driveby shootings”!

The following church wasn’t actually visable from the street….must have been another street over,  but I liked the double steeples!

Mark had to stop to adjust the GPS at one point and as we sat in a parking lot just outside of Buffalo, I thought I spotted a small church just beyond a stand of trees.  Mark,, knowing I was curious, drove over and sure enough, there was a small Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  Well, this church won my vote for “photo of the day”!  Just take a look at those awesome golden domes set against the sapphire sky!

I could easily spend weeks in Buffalo shooting photos.  There is so much diversity,  architecture, and points of interest.  Why, there is even some interesting stuff to see while looking up!