Spud Finds a Home!

While driving home from Buffalo on Monday evening,  Mark spotted little Spud lying alongside the busy highway.  Mark had pulled over to look at some trailers at a store and happened to see the lonely little fellow resting next to the roadway.  The best Mark could figure, when the truck he was in came down an incline to the bottom of the hill,  the truck must have “sprung” over a pothole in the road, causing Spud to dislodge from the back of the truck and tumble out onto the road.  Poor little fellow!

Mark summoned one of the kids to quickly grab Spud and bring him into the truck. Once in, we realized Spud wasn’t as petite  as he looked on the side of the road! 

We removed the gravel from his skin and in giving him a good sniff, he smelled so fresh!  I would venture to say he had been freshly excavated from the ground.  Tonight, I plan to give Spud a really good cleaning and cut him up into homefries….mmmmm….nothing like a really FRESH Spud, after all!