Since it Looks Like I Am Only Writing to Myself…

I will share something that happened yesterday that is too funny!

I have said on this blog before that I love technology.  Yeah, I know.  Crazy, isn’t it?  I admit, though, that I  do enjoy reading about what friends are doing on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  I like reading email in between working around the house.  I often check on my cell phone to see if anyone has made a comment on a blog post. So, where is all of this leading?

Yesterday,  after dropping Ben off at school, Mark and I decided to just relax as we didn’t have anything pressing to do.  This is a rare treat, so I suggested we might park out on the pier and enjoy the lovely weather.  Mark agreed.

We were on the pier a short time when sleep overwhelmed me.  Yes, I was totally overcome by sleepiness and I leaned my seat back and drifted off. (Lest one should judge me wrongly, I was up until 12:30 the night before, reading.  Then, Murphy, for some inexplicable reason, decided to awaken me at 3:30 am.  To compound matters further, I was unable to go back to sleep!)  Can you imagine falling asleep in the truck, breathing in fresh lakeside air?  It was divine! I was suddenly awakened by Mark jiggling my arm.  I can’t remember the sequence of events,  but I heard a loud noise next to us and my cell phone was ringing.

I answered my phone and Mark motioned for me to get out of the truck to take the call from Michelle.  Now, remember, I had been asleep and was rather disoriented by Mark “kicking me out” of the truck.  I hopped out the door and clambered to a picnic table located across the street to speak with Michelle.

Mark was on the phone in the truck with an insurance agent,  getting prices, and with two people talking on cell phones in small confines,  it makes conversations nearly impossible. I sat outside and waited.  Then I got this brilliant idea to grab my camera and go for a nice little walk.  Which I did….

I was strolling about, making the most of my great photo shooting op, when Mark whistled to let me know he was off the phone.  I (casually) made my way back to the truck only to realize it was nearly time for us to pick the kids up.

Now, let me explain.  Mark had his laptop plugged into the inverter,  his cell plugged into the cigarette lighter, and my cell phone plugged into the USB connector on the inverter.   When I climbed back into the truck, there were cords everywhere!  What a mess! 

Mark cleared his “toys”…er, mobile office up a bit, then turned the key in the ignition.  C-L-I-C-K.  Umm….he turned it once again.  C-L-I-C-K.  Oh my.  He turned it one more time.  c-l-i-c-k. 

Yes, the battery was drained. Dead. Nada!  Mark opened his wallet and pulled out his AAA card.  He called the number on the card and the phone rang.  A girl answered and asked how she could help.  Mark began to answer and I began to giggle.  My giggling caused Mark to burst into giggles and he had to immediately hang the phone up.  We both sat and laughed until Mark looked at the clock and said we needed to get the kids shortly!

I more or less voluntarily left the truck again so Mark could make this call without giggling…..after all, what would the girl at the other end think?  It just seemed so hysterical that Mark and all his “gadgets” would drain the battery in the summer! (particularly on a warm and sunny day!)  Technology…so wonderful, but draining!  Literally!

The call was made and a garage despatched.  Mark got a call saying the fellow driving a FLATBED would be there soon. Well, we no sooner got off the phone when the aforementioned flatbed came into sight with a silver car on its bed. 

The guy cheerfully greeted Mark,  who popped the hood of the truck.  The guy already had a “supercharger” in his hand and as soon as he clipped the wires on, he told Mark to try and turn ‘er over.  V-room!  Instant start!  The guy took the charger off and closed the hood. 

Mark mentioned that he had seen the silver car on the flatbed driving down the pier just a short time before with what looked like the starter hanging out and the front end smashed!  The guy smiled and confided the driver had no idea how it happened, but it happened on the pier!  Mark later told me the loud noise I heard was “parts” dragging from the car after its accident.  Mark thinks the fellow drove up over the curb or some such thing.

We all laughed and our guy turned and wished us a good evening. No charge as he was already on the pier!

Well, after such a blessing….the AAA guy being right there and getting to us in time so the kids didn’t have to wait….we laughed all the way home!