Photos from the Phone

 I cannot even believe it is Sunday….where has the week gone?  Ofr us, it was a busy one and full of running about! 

Mark had to drive his mom to a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so I went along and was able to pop into the hospital to visit briefly with my Amish friend.  Her baby is growing and seems to be doing well, although progress seems much too slow for her mom.  In pondering the situation,  I imagine it is a rough transition, living at the Ronald McDonald House, but Eunice is so sweet and she is so grateful for all the services provided.

Please pray for another one of my friend’s daughter and her family.  They also gave birth to twins prematurely, at twenty-six weeks.  One twin passed away shortly after birth, but the other seemed like a tiny little fighter.  She passed away early Friday morning, in her mom’s arms.  Such grief is so overwhelming for a young couple, although I know their faith will carry them through.

I had some photos on the phone that I thought I would share.

Wild grapes spotted at the park where Mark, Michelle, and I walk.

Sunrise taken while escorting Miss Michelle to college one beautiful morning.

Last Thursday, after taking Michelle to school, I found one of those rare times when I was all alone and I needed to wait for the bank to open. What an opportunity to walk around the city of Canandaigua a little! I have not done so in ages…

Well,  I have seen Horses on Parade, deer, squirrels, lighthouses, and now, (something seemingly a bit more practical?)  Benches on Parade!

The benches call out to passers-by with various messages from sponsors.

But my favorite implores one to sit down and “strike up a conversation”!

Yes, thought I might throw in a shot of the completed front porch.  I really like the colorful posts and Ben said the red is kind of growing on him, too, although he said he doesn’t like the floor color at all.  Ah well, it can be changed….at some point!  And while I’m at it,  I thought I would give a heads-up to anyone local for Sauder’s in Seneca Falls.

I bought those gorgeous Bachelor’s Buttons….one of my very, very favorites at Sauder’s for $5.49 each.  As you can see, they are more like bushes than flowers.  They also have a rainbow of Mums available.

We headed east on Friday to look at some snowmobiles and to gather information.  Yesterday, we left and headed west toward Buffalo.  The Sabres training camp is open to the public, so we thought we might have a look.

I have more photos from my cameras, but they will be for another time. When I find some time!