From Disappointed to Awestruck!

I really have not been getting out like I want to lately to take photos.  Just yesterday, I drove down to Naples to pick Michelle up from Cindy’s house.  On my way down, I decided to take Route 21 so I could drive past Woodville.  I really shouldn’t have done that, for as I drove past the boat launch,  I spotted two Bald Eagles perched in “the tree”.  I was so upset,  I felt like crying.  I’ve not been out in my little kayak in ages and that is upsetting, too.  What a fantastic photo op I had to pass by….

Today was spent running around.  We dropped the kids off at college, then hastened to Rochester to take Mark’s mom to the doctor.  Since we never are quite sure how long the visit will last at the doctor,  it is hard to consider taking the time to do a photo shoot.  Mark and I must have waited well over an hour, so once again,  I felt a twinge of anxiety over not being able to spend the time doing what I so love.

After dropping Mark’s mom off at home,  we headed on down to Henrietta because we needed to stop at a couple of stores.  I hurried about, then asked Mark if I might be able to take maybe 45 minutes to visit Eunice and little Baby Susanna.  He agreed, so I hurried into the hospital to visit.

Little Susanna is slowly growing….starting life at one pound, fourteen ounces and beginning life fourteen weeks early, this wee one has had some big stumblingblocks to overcome!  She is still so very tiny, although I think she must be up to about three and a half pounds now.  Eunice was there with her mother-in-law, so it was great to visit with both ladies! 

Sarah Mae (Eunice’s mother-in-law) left the room for a few minutes and I said to Eunice I would love to see little Susanna with her eyes open, as I’ve only seen her with them closed!  As though on command,  the tiny one opened her eyes and began looking around!  She turned her head toward my direction as I spoke, as though listening!  Eunice held her and cooed and smiled and Susanna looked so intently at her….I told Eunice I wish I could take just one photo of er and Susanna, but she told me it is against their beliefs….I would never ask her to do anything that would be uncomfortable or against her beliefs, so I tried to etch the image into my mind.  It was just so tender and beautiful.

We had to pick the kids up in Canandaigua at about 5:30, so Mark and I began making our way.  Mark was anxious to get the kids, then drive to the business where we bought the trailer to pick it up.  I was far less anxious….I just wanted to go home! 

We picked the kids up and then drove towards the business.  We got there at almost seven and Mark went inside the store, as he wanted to try to sit on one of the snowmobiles.  Those of us who are able to get around with ease have no concept of the hurdles experienced on a daily basis by those with limited mobility.  Mark has been concerned about getting a snowmobile, as he needs to know whether he can freely get on and off the vehicle.  Thankfully, dealers have been very gracious and understanding,  patiently encouraging Mark as he tries out the models and their seats.

We talked to the saleswoman for awhile, then as it began to darken outside,  we thought we had better hurry to get home.  Mark was excited to try pulling the trailer, but not in pitch black darkness. As we left the building,  I was less than prepared to see what was awaiting us!

When we picked the kids up at college,  the skies looked like this on our way….

My mom told me as a little girl that the rays of sun beaming down through the clouds were angels picking up the souls of people who passed away and taking them to heaven.  Well, those angels must have been very busy today!

While leaving the premises of the business later, this is what we saw.  I don’t need to make any further comments!

Okay, I did lie here, as I need to explain that while the sun was washing the sky in nearly the entire spectrum of shades on the color wheel,   I spotted a slight rainbow to the east of us!

I think I could have stayed in the parking lot for another hour….I was taking photos and just absolutely enjoying myself as I’ve not done in ages.  I even took one last shot through the (dirty) window at the (dirty) side mirror on the truck….

Yes, probably most folks would cower displaying such  a photo, but I was so awestruck by the sunset this evening!  I am always so thankful how the Lord sees my discouragement and sends something so incredible as this bejeweled sky to turn me around!  Yes, I am spoiled….but I say that not as one who gloats,  but as one who is so dearly loved!

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  1. Excellent post today!!! Sure hope that you had some fun shopping for a snowmobile and Mark was successful in finding on that meets his needs!! Beautiful sunset pics!!

  2. I’m so glad you captured that sunset! I was grumbling about missing the opportunity as we wandered into WalMart last night. I just haven’t felt up to lugging around my camera of late…too sore.

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