In thinking back, a few years ago, we got a call from a neighbor about half a mile up the road.  They had seen a bear walking on their property and it ws headed in our direction.  They were calling to make sure wedidn’t have our Scotties outside.

Our neighbor immediately up the hill from us called one February afternoon to say that they saw a bear walking on their driveway towards our house.

While house sitting a house not too far from us, a bizarre thing happened.  I had noticed a large nest of paper wasps living under the deck. I didn’t think anything more about it until a couple of weeks later.  As I walked around the house,  I noticed a hole in a board on the deck.  I went down and looked…sure enough, the wasp nest was gone.  The hole looked like “something” had scratched it.  Upon looking around,  I discovered a small pile of animal waste.  It looked rather “seedy”, so I took my camera and photographed it.  Sure enough, when the homeowners came home, the husband (a hunter) said the photo was of “bear scat”.

One day when I talked to our neighbor across the road, she said she awakened one night.  In looking out the bedroom window, she saw something very large moving down below.

How could all of our neighbors have seen bears and I’ve not seen one?  Not fair, say I!

Well, if all of the above is just heresay,  how about this?

I took these photos “just around the corner” from our house.  Our land isn’t too far away from DEC land. (Department of Environmental Conservation)  Yes, the map above says it all.   Our area is prime for bear hunting. 

Gosh, that makes me feel so much better!  Here we were, traipsing about all over,  wondering if we would see a bear in the Adirondacks and we have them living in our own backyard!

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  1. Heavens! To think of all the times we take Catriona on “a bear hunt”! (She loves the book…) I don’t think I could cope with the real deal!

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