Sabbath Rest

Today is Sunday and I am taking a day off!  I am so tired…we have been running around so much and trying to get things in order before cold weather sets in. Thankfully, we need precious little firewood. We still have about eight cords left over from last year.  I’m not exactly sure how that happened, as we did use the furnace until around Christmas, but we wouldn’t have used very much wood from October until Christmas….

I haven’t been taking very many photos lately as we have been running about in the truck and there just hasn’t been a whole lot of interesting things to see!  Mark, Ben, and I have been looking a little at snowmobiles since we grow weary of just sitting inside the house  in the winter!  And, after seeing Lewis County’s beautiful snowmobile trails,  we feel we might have gotten the “bug”!  Since winter is one of my favorite seasons, I would love to get out and enjoy it more! We also discovered that our own area has a wonderful trail system, provided enough snow falls!

Well, enough about winter. As much as I love it and look forward to it,  I’ll not wish time away!  It is a far too limited quantity as it is!

Here are some photos I took right around the house. I really like the look of Queen Anne’s Lace before it matures and opens.

And Goldenrod up close is really quite pretty!

I think one of the most awesome late summer bouquets would have to be Goldenrod and Bachelor’s Buttons combined. The rich gold and purple colors are so royal looking!

I found a bumblebee working his way through the Bachelor’s Buttons.  Just look at the amount of pollen this little bee is toting around on its body!

Mark, Ben, and I went for a little ride in the woods on our ATV’s.  I really like the way these toadstools grew at the base of a tree.  Couldn’t have arranged them any better.

Yesterday afternoon,  we took off with the kids and headed to Darien Lake.  We stopped at Tom Wahl’s along the way, as we had buy one cheeseburger, get a second free, coupons.  Since Tom Wahl’s burgers are reknowned far and wide throughout Rochester, we do pick these up once in a while.  We stopped at the store and found out they are also having an anniversary sale on their rootbeer floats.  They are on sale for 99 cents.  Oh my!  The “ice cream” in the float is actually frozen custard….all I can say is that is very good Tom Wahl’s isn’t located too close to our house!

I took a few photos of the kids…

The kids both love the rollercoasters.  I think I just like watching!

I took this photo simply because the Marigolds were just so very pretty!

By the time we got home, we were all so tired, we went right to bed.  It was a beautiful day, though, with the temperatures in a very comfortable range.   It sure was nice to spend the day outside without getting overheated!