Alexandria Bay

While we were n our little vacation in Lewis County,  Mark suggested that we make a day trip up to the Thousand Islands, located along the Saint Lawrence Seaway.  Mark has great memories of camping and boating there when he was a young man. 

We traveled northward and ended up exploring Alexandria Bay….what an awesome destination this would be to explore for a few days!  There is so much to see and do in a fairly compact area!  We thought about taking a boat tour, but arrived too late in the day for the one we wanted. Of course, that’s okay because one day, we’ll go back for a good look around!

This is such a terrific place to visit and I only wish we would have started out earlier in the day.

I have never seen a place with more rock!  It was incredible to see rock poking up everywhere.  Many homes had very tiny amounts of grass growing in their lawns, which were mostly rock!

As you can see, we had a most awesome day when we went to Alexandria Bay.  I wish I ould have taken photos in the tiny town…it definitely is a tourist trap with all things themed nautical.  As we meandered along in the truck,  we spotted a young Amish couple with a small table set up outside of a store.  In all honesty, that really surprised me!  The horse and buggy were parked off the side of the road.  I cannot even begin to imagine how these folks drove into town!  I did buy some chocolate chip cookies from them, which my family gobbled up quickly!