I Have Been a (very) Busy Girl!

Yesterday morning, Michelle went to work at our friend Cindy the piemaker’s house.  How I would have loved to sneak past Mark and Ben and gone back to bed!  But no, I did not.  Instead, I was a good wife and mom and drove my ATV down in the woods to participate in another (dreaded) burning of brush.

I guess the main reason for my vacillating is that I just hate burning.  On the other hand,  what was being burned was indeed in need of being burned! 

That piece of “tree” isn’t really a tree at all, but rather, a section of grapevine that Ben had cut.  We had an area of woods where wild grapevine was growing rampantly and causing any tree that crossed its path to grow distorted (by strangulation), or even worse,  killing it. 

Ben to the rescue!  Ben worked in an area about 60 feet by 60 feet,  severing vines and setting saplings free of their death  grip!  He freed so many trees and cut the offensive vine into small sections that could be easily burned.

You can see in the above photo that there are some saplings in the fire as well.  Ben’s rule was that if a tree was 80% covered in grapevine,  it needed to be cut down.  Most of these saplings were growing irregularly-some were even nearly doubled in half under the grips of that horrible vine!

Ben and I worked all day long,  pruning, lopping, and chainsawing grapvine.  We also found some treetops that had been left by loggers on the property over 20 years ago.   Ben cut those pieces into small sections as well, and we burned them.  The fire never got very big, but it did burn on and on for what seemed like forever!

Ben and I were alone in the woods when Mark went to pick Michelle up from work,  so Ben decided to entertain me with a little something he had picked up at a WalMart in one of our journeys….

I sat in a chair and watched the show, but it sadly only lasted less than a minute!  (it was very small and didn’t make any noise)

Late this morning,  I decided to try my hand at baking some Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  I had purchased a Mennonite cookbook a few days ago when we went to the store at Seneca Falls. The book is a compilstion of recipes from Mennonite ladies here in the Finger Lakes Region.  It is chock-full of all sorts of yummy-sounding recipes!

Oh, the background for the plate of cookies is my freshly painted taupe floor on the front porch!  We are still keeping everyone off the porch, but I’m sure it is good and dry by now.

And, speaking of the porch-here is a photo of the southwestern corner.  While this was the only pole finished before today,  I was able to complete two more this afternoon! 

The family thought my choice of “Apple a DayRed” on the poles was a bad one at first, but in seeing them get completed,  the red seems a little less bold. Last week, when the weather was so terribly hot, it was impossible to paint, as the paint seemed to dry faster than I could apply it!  I am working with some small brushes to do this painting as larger ones would make cutting-in so difficult and probably a mess! I have only three more poles and then the porch will be all done, although I think some touchup might be required in the deep brown here and there.

Oh, and yes, you do see autumn shaded leaves on that maple tree….The sad part is that as soon as the leaves begin to get their color,  they seem to disconnect from the branches and end up on the ground!

Random Photos from the Lewis County Trip

Before I upload all my photos from the SD card into the computer,  I thought I would have a little looksee. Wow. In looking back at everywhere we went,  I miss these places.  Even though we are “rural”,  we have neighbors nearby. In Lewis County, it seems one can travel a great deal before running into civilization.  There is so much pristine beauty and people seem sometimes few and far between.  Considering the harsh nature of winters there,  I guess this area just isn’t that much of an attraction.

Having noted the winter conditions at Lewis County, we were advised that winter weekends can be horrific, as people travel from far and wide to the Tug Hill Plateau with their snowmobiles in tow.  We were told if we ever think about snowmobiling there,  it is best done during the week after all the “city hillbillies” have returned home.

The photos I took might not all be at Lewis County, as we did some traveling elsewhere during our visit. These are some of my favorites and believe me, they probably will make no sense at all!

An odd assortment of photos, I know, but some that I rather liked. Funny thing is, while looking over my photos, I found a series of a day trip we took I had forgotten about!  More on that tomorrow!