Thank You, Lord!

I am so thrilled that some cool weather has rolled on in….I seriously was at the point where I thought I might do something irrational!  The heat we were experiencing was more than intolerable-it was altering not only my personality, but most everyone I’ve met recently!  Seems like basically everyone was crying out, “Uncle”! I am just happy that the cooler temps will be around for at least a few days!

I am finally ending the all-consuming porch project!  Painting the floor was a piece of cake, although it took two days because it needed two coats. I am now left with the task of painting the finials on the posts and although I enjoy doing it,  it is a slow process-a steady hand and good eyes are required.  I get a little shaky after painting an hour or so and find the eyestrain causes me not to see correctly.  So, I quit and start again later.  I do enjoy this type of painting, though.

The other day,  while I was working on painting,  I caught sight of a butterfly in the periphery. Since my camera was only inside the door,  I went in and grabbed it.  I took over 200 photos of the beautiful Black Swallowtail Butterfly and was able to capture some good shots.

This weekend is a long one, with many people having off Monday for Labor Day. If you are celebrating, please have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. Enjoy the Long Weekend! And best wishes with the rest of the deck.

    Superb photos too: so vivid and colourful.

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