Cows and More Cows…

So what, exactly, have bovines to do with our little journey?

Well, as I read information handed out throughout Lewis County,  I discovered that the county produces over 500 MILLION gallons of milk each year.  Whoa, Bessie….that’s a whole lotta mik!

The state park where we stayed was located near a small town called Lowville. (Not pronounced low as in “that is a low note”, but rhyming with “now”. )  Lowville (aren’t you glad you are pronouncing that properly now?)  is home of a Kraft Foods cheese processing plant.  There is also a small cheese shop located near the Kraft factory. I’m not sure who the owner of this ginormous cow is, but…..

I do think she represents a large population of some very important inhabitants! I wonder if she removes those shades in the winter?  Maybe not, as this region gets some rather remarkably heavy amounts of snow which can definitely cause blinding reflections!

And, speaking of all things bovine…..these cattle are *not* dairy cows, but some rather nice looking Black Angus!

Whether the farm is lucrative or not is not our concern, but this farmer makes it a practice to give thanks in all things!

We saw one dairy farm that was so large, there must have been nearly 1,000 head of milkers! There were rows and rows of low barns filled with black and white cows.  Of course, every time we drove past the barns,  Angus would rise up on his hind legs and look out the window to see what the smell was about!