The Basic Self-Guided Tour

One of the major reasons we like to travel to the Tug Hill Plateau/Adirondack area is because Mark is a great ATV enthusiast. Mark owned motorcycles most of his life-dirt bikes for riding through the woods and on terrain not accessible by other vehicles. It was only a matter of time after we moved to the Bristolwood that he “invested” in an ATV.  He tried his best to convince me that the vehicle would gather firewood, pull down trees that were hung up and even snowplow….After one little ride through the woods on that first ATV, I must admit,  I was “hooked”!

Tug Hill Plateau is known for its wild winters, but it also allows some generous rides using roads on ATV’s.  While Buffalo is the brunt of many a joke about snow,  it receives about 120 inches of snow a year.  The Tug Hill Plateau averages 320 inches! (This is totally based on information given to me by a bar and grill owner who hosts all manner of ATV/snowmobile events.)  Snow might begin in November and linger on through April.

So….Mark, the kids, and I decided to take a road that was accessible to ATV’s.  Oh, the joy of it! No cell reception….remote road.  What a recipe for fun!

And we never would have seen such beauty as above had we not wandered along…

Near the end of our ride (unbeknownst to any of us since GPS was now non-functioning!)  I  got out and ran ahead. It was such fun as I could take pictures and stretch my legs a bit.  The kids were giggling like crazy, riding in the back with the two Scotties.  When a paved road running perpendicular to this one appeared,  my heart sank like a lead brick.  I love adventures and this one was swiftly coming to a close!