Lawn Ornaments, Old Forge Style…

Preface:  It actually took me about 4 hours (no, I didn’t work continuously, all at once on it!) to get all of the photos up on the previous post!  Our connectivity is spotty at best, here in the campground!

So….if you read my blog on a regular basis, you probably know that I sometimes refer to deer in the yard as “lawn ornaments”.  At times, they appear that way as they seem so comfortable grazing and making themselves at home in close proximity of the house. That’s in the Bristolwood.


Take a look at this!

Mark spotted (haha, pun intended!)  this duo resting peaceably in front of a nice house.  In looking a bit more closely, it seems the little one on the right was actually nibbling at the decorative evergreen conveniently situated next to it!

We went a short distance and saw a pretty doe. It would seem she is getting educated!

Of course, there was the one deer who did not want to be photographed! Ever see a deer blow raspberries?

Yes, that is pretty redical, then!  After this disrespectful show, she went to work doing her lawn mowing….A car with an out of state plate on it came up and did something I had never seen before! An arm came out the window and the deer walked right up and ate out of the hand.  The car was behind us and I missed it, but Mark said it seemed so strange.  One thing that really made me wonder, though….with all this interraction going on between the humans and deer…I wonder if Lyme Disease is present in this area?