The Memorable Thendara Station Train Ride

Mark always enjoys looking for little outings while we are off on our excursions.  We found what sounded like a fun little trip-a short, little-more-than-an-hour train ride from Thendara Station!  Thendara Station is located in the Adirondacks, just a stone’s throw from Old Forge.

Shortly after the train began to move along, we met up with some interesting characters.  A woman known as Poker Alice introduced herself and began to humor riders with her stories.   She was from the “west” and dressed as a “cowgirl”.  As she walked along the aisle, she kept stopping to inquire “where is the rest of your hat?” to men wearing baseball caps. (as opposed to her cowboy style hat) She just could not understand what happened to the brim of the hats…mor why they were turned “down”.  This got lots of giggles. 

After meeting Poker Alice, we met another western woman named Miss Sally. 

Poker Alice returned a little later, telling us she had an intuition that something was up…..she had heard there were train robbers around the area and, well….she had a “feeling”.  And, after traveling only a short distance,  Poker Alice’s intuition was 100% correct!  Not only were gunshots heard outside the train, but the train stopped and…..

Ayup, the robbers were amongst us! (Don’t worry….they weren’t the sharpest pencils in the drawer!)


Well, these train robbers seemed of little consequence **until** this fellow began to try to romance our Michelle!!!!




the scoundrel assures her with a wink, he will be back for her!  Argh!

Finally, Poker Alice uses some persuasion to get these seedy characters away from our car.


But trouble was still brewing outside the train….

While the robbers inside the train were annoying riders in another car, Poker Alice handed out government money, thinking these robbers would be content with that money and wouldn’t require anyone’s hard-earned cash!

A little later, we met yet another woman,  Miss Annie Oakley!

The ladies assured us we were all in good hands!

We meet yet another young lady named Miss Felicity…..who is a mail order bride.  And, just look who ordered her!

Oh my!  Later, Miss Sally reveals the truth to Miss Felicity….


A short time later, the robbers return with a most unlikely bandit…..

Okay,  I have set the scene for our ride and now,  I will just let my photos tell the story.  Enjoy!

(ummm, excuse the horse….)


You can only imagine how LOUD this shootout was!





Before Michelle’s suitor got into the gunfight, he had given her a spent 45 caliber bullet….

 What a fun way to spend a drizzly wet day this was! The actors were great, engaging the train passengers along the way, and this was just pure fun!


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  1. Hmm, did Michelle tell the robber she needs to finish college first, lol! Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to go on a murder mystery train or boat ride, but have never done one.

  2. What a great experience for you, and a trip down Memory Lane for me! We haven’t done that train ride sinceJulie was little…maybe even before Jeff was born.
    BTW…I think that bandit should steer clear of Mark with a gun!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go on that train ride. Hmmm we usually see TV commercials for it and come to think of it I haven’t seen a one this Summer.
    Tell Michell I think the shell casing is an engagement gift.
    Perhaps Mark is expressing his opinion of the engagement gift with the rifle? lol

  4. I was the car host on the train that day, this is a great story and picture’s. I hope your ear drums have healed from the gun shots. Thank you. Laura

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