What Turkeys!!!

We are currently camping amongst a forest of beautiful pine trees! It is so serene….so beautiful…and the scent of the pines is refreshing!

It would be nice if the internet offered “smellavision”, but I think pine trees can be found in nearly every area of the world…

Everyone got up early this morning and we headed out the door, as we had an adventure planned. Mark was in the truck….Michelle got in. I was locking the camper door when something caught my eye!

As you can see, these birds were not the least bit intimidated nor frightened by my presence!  What a radical difference from our wild turkeys in the Bristolwood!

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  1. While driving Jeff to work this morning, a turkey flew across 390 in front of us. Jeff asked if I saw it. Confused, I told him it was kinda hard to miss. Relieved, he said he was just checking, making sure he wasn’t seeing things. I don’t think he was awake yet!

    I’ll pass on the pine tree smell! I’d be sneezing my brains out!

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