Off and Running….

with a minor temporary upset. (Which I shall address later!)

We all got up up and began to prepare for another adventure yesterday morning.  We decided another jaunt toward the Adirondacks would be fun as it has been four years since last we were  there.

Since we were heading east, we would stop at the college so the kids could pick up their textbooks at the bookstore.  After that, well, how could we pass by Geneva without stopping at Belhurst Castle once again?

We were blessed with some blue skies instead of gray, rainy ones!

Mark reserved our seating in the conservatory this time…

It is so hard to imagine a family was so wealthy as to build such an elaborate place as Belhurst! Everything is so beautiful!

The food was once again memorable! The soup above was Creamy Garden Vegetable with Roasted Garlic and Chablis.  It was so tasty….I need to find a similar recipe!

Our view from the table was as wonderful as the food!

You might notice the cloudy window-a testament to our rather wet and dreary weather of late!

As we made our way back to the truck and camper,  I caught sight of this amazing fireplace….

The intricately carved wood and mosaic surely did catch my eye!  This is in the entrance hall where the lunch buffet, served 11am to 2pm is served each day, is located.  I happened to note the fireplace as I was getting my food.

We wandered back to the truck and camper.  I was going to snap a photo of them but Michelle was in the way!  When I asked her to move, she struck a pose and waited!  Ugh…

As we made our way toward our destination, I felt uncomfortable.  Not given to over-eating, I felt as though I had eaten an entire cow!  My stomach grew more and more uncomfortable as we progressed. I never even feel uncomfortable after meals at Thanksgiving or Christmas…..this was so unusual!

We finally reached Lewis County…our destination!  This is the land of a huge windfarm!  From information I received,  I found Lewis County’s windfarm is comprised of 195 generators!  It is called the largest windfarm in the US east of the Mississippi.

This generator was situated just so that it looked like we were going to drive right into it!

We arrived at the state park where we are staying at about 6pm. We set up the camper, then Mark and the kids took off to shop for a little while. I decided to stay behind to clean up the camper a little, but as I moved about, my stomach grew even more painful!  Yes, I was almost to the point that I was nervous I might have to go to the hospital, I was in so much pain.

Realizing cleaning was not totally necessary,  I thought perhaps I should lie down on the bed for awhile.  Trying to find a comfortable position was futile. I finally stretched out and just tried to relax.  After about an hour, I finally felt the pain beginning to subside!  Hurrah!  I was so thirsty, my mouth felt as though it was turning inside out, but I decided I would rather go to bed thirsty than to risk making my stomach ache all over again!

The good news is that when I awakened this morning,  I was fine.  My stomach was still a bit “funny”, but I was okay.

We are camping at a park located not too far from the Adirondacks.  I love this region because it is so wooded and somewhat rustic. 

More adventures to follow!