Just in Case…

you might be wondering where I have been these last few days….

It has been FAR too hectic here.  Seems like one thing after the other!  I began painting the porch but we have been having some major rain here that, well, would literally wash the paint right off! I think we have had about three inches of rain in the past two days. That is a lot of rain!

Mark also thought it might be nice to take another camping journey before the kids start school, so that has been in the offing as well. 

Add to that the million little things that are done in a day and life has been full to overflowing. 

I would show you a picture of the “fancy” part of the porch railing I painted, but my camera is packed away. I am currently lying on my bed…sans my pillow. That too, is packed.  It seems many of the daily necessitites have been whisked away and I am too tired to trudge down to get them.  Poor, poor, pitiful me! 

Stay tuned…I shall return!  Just not so sure when. Or where!