A Visit to Genesee Country Village and Museum

Many years ago,  while living in Buffalo, New York,  I had a very dear friend by the name of Philip.  He was so much fun and Carly and I both enjoyed his company.  He was truly one of a kind and he introduced Carly and I to the wonderful world of bluegrass as well as other types of “fiddling”. So unique was this fellow, that he had only begun fiddling a short time when he entered a large county fair and took a prize!  It was he who told us about an awesome event that is held each August at the Genesee Country Village and Museum….namely, the Fiddler’s Fair. 

The Fiddler’s Fair usually falls within a few days of my birthday, (the third weekend in August) but this year, it was held the second weekend of August.  Carly and I enjoyed this fair so much that even though the memories of Philip have faded,  we do thank him for introducing us to this rich and amazing festival!

This year, Carly asked if we would like to meet at the fair, since she and Erin would be attending.  She had planned to meet up with one of her friends there as well. As it worked out,  we spent a very pleasant day just wandering about, taking in many lovely scenes while listening to pleasant strains!

I didn’t carry the Nikon camera around with me, simply because the weather was miserable at the beinning of our day.  The rain would drizzle down awhile, then stop.  This forced us to carry umbrellas and with everything else, I just wanted to skip as much “stuff” as possible!  After the weather decided to clear and be nice,  the humidity increased to the point where I just wanted to scream!  It was like living inside a terrarium….

I will just take you on a little tour of the grounds.  Enjoy!