Almost Done!

Yes, I am nearly finished sanding the dek on the front porch! I am so excited about this because when I *am* finished,  I will vacuum the surface and then I can apply the stain.   I sanded for about an hour the other day and today, I think I must have spent about four hours.  All I know is that my fingers and wrists looked like they were swollen from all the vibration!

Mark thinks I am going overboard,  but I decided to sand the entire floor so the stain will go on more evenly.  Mark wanted me to just sand off the most saturated spots, but I figured if  I was going to sand at all, I wanted it to look nice….not like Mickey Mouse did it!

Yesterday, our family met Carly and Erin at Genesee Country Village and Museum.  We had thought about going there for awhile, but just never had seemed to make the time.  The Fiddler’s Festival was held a week earlier than usual, so we decided to just meet Carly and have some fun.  As we drove toward our destination, we wondered if we made the right decision!  We drove through a huge cloudburst and it seemed like an endless gray sky above us. 

By the time we arrived at the museum,  the weather seemed to mellow out some.  We endured a couple of spritzes,  but it never did rain later in the day and the sun even came out.  Unfortunately, the rain had increased the humidity to the point that it was terribly hot! I got some photos, but I am too tired to post them tonight!

When we left the village yesterday, Erin asked if she could come and spend the night with us.  We said yes, and she was so excited.  We got home after seven, and I made a chicken dish and zucchini casserole.  We also had some garlic bread.  I washed dishes until I could no longer stand on my feet and then headed off to bed. Michelle and Erin had retreated to Michelle’s room.  Although Erin usually is in bed by her nine o’clock deadline, she threw caution to the wind and she and Michelle stayed up until midnight!

I ambled down the stairs at six to take the Scottie boys out and to feed them.  I figured I had better start making something good for breakfast so I pulled some apples out of the crisper drawer of the fridge and cored them.  I then filled them with oatmeal, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg blended in with butter.  I stuffed the apples and baked them until the insides kind of exploded!  They were so tasty!

The kids were in and out of the pool all day today, and I sanded away on the porch while they played.  I came into the house at eleven this morning and made spring rolls for lunch.  Afterward,  I was once again sanding.  I sanded until nearly three, but then had to stop so we could run Erin up to Victor where we met Carly to drop Erin off to go home.

Funny thing….last night as I was contemplating blogging,  I fell sound asleep with the laptop propped on my knees.  I awakened a couple of hours later with the laptop still on my knees!

Michelle called out to me last night to see what she found.  I looked and ran to get my camera….I am thinking this caterpillar is a swallowtail of some type…..

Well, early to bed, early to rise!  I don’t know when I have been so thrilled to think about going to bed!!!!

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  1. I love the caterpillar picture! I too am off to bed. I put together a post and posted it, reread and edited it twice and I hope it all makes sense. I am so tired I can’t see straight. Off to bed with me. I too am thrilled with the thought of sleep!

  2. What a day you had! I’d be awfully glad to get some sleep after that too!! Hey…you found a cool looking caterpillar too! What is it with this year’s funny looking bugs?? Very cute!!

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