An Adventure Within an Adventure!

As I was getting ready to go pick up my friend Eunice’s mother-in-law yesterday,  Mark said that he thought he might like to drive us.  I was a little worried, because I was unsure exactly how many passengers we were going to have, but it all worked out perfectly!

We arrived to pick up Sarah Mae at 11:30.  She told me Eunice would want to stop on the way home at a grocery store we were going to be passing, so we stopped at Sarah Mae’s sister-in-law’s house to pick up her shopping list as well.  An observation I made yesterday was that these Amish women are very efficient and well-organized!

We arrived at the hospital and found Eunice sitting in a chair, holding tiny Baby Susanna against her chest.  I have never seen a baby so tiny (she weighs 2 pounds, 6 ounces) and she was just so very beautiful!  Everything about this wee baby was perfect!  Her ears, eyes, hands, feet, and full head of hair look so amazing!  I was  surprised to see that Susanna’s coloring is rosy and so healthy looking!

Eunice encouraged Sarah Mae and me to grab a chair so we could sit beside her and chat while she snuggled the little one against her.  Since the doctors and nurses convinced Eunice it would be good for her to go home for a few days to be with her family and friends,  she wanted to hold Susanna as long as she could before leaving.

We left the hospital shortly after 3:30 and had to stop by The Ronald McDonald House where Eunice and the two young girls who have been staying with her the past few days had a room.  They went inside to gather belongings and to clean the room before leaving.  Mark and I waited in the truck in the parking lot for a few minutes and then when they came out, we began the journey toward home.

Eunice was in good spirits and I was in awe of how well she seemed to be handling the fact that she would be entrusting the nurses and doctors with the care of her tiny one.  She was certainly looking forward to seeing her two-year-old son, Chris, though. 

We stopped at the grocery store and I went inside for a little while with the ladies, picking up a couple items Michelle had requested.  Eunice and Sarah Mae were so quickly cruising the aisles, getting the items on their lists.  Eunice grabbed several cans of pineapple juice, explaining to me that Sarah Mae had taught her the juice can be used in place of sugar. I left, allowing the ladies to concentrate on their shopping.

I went back into the store a little while later,  wondering if perhaps Eunice might need some help. Sarah Mae had already finished paying for her items and since this store doesn’t  automatically bag items,  the girls had found some boxes to fill with te goods.  I helped pack a box and then we headed out to the truck.  I was amazed when we actually loaded six boxes full of groceries into the back of the truck.

We were on our way once again and Mark plotted on GPS where each person lives….we had three stops to make.  Mark was following along on the GPS and we ended up on a road unfamiliar to the ladies.  Now, remember, we were in a pickup truck, which is wider than a typical automobile. 

The road we followed was narrow, but passible.  We giggled and laughed as we traveled along.  Suddenly, the road grew even more narrow and there was only gravel on the two sides where the tires pass over, with grass growing in the center.  I said, “Uh oh…looks like we are heading into someone’s camp!”   Eunice giggled and said she agreed!  Mark told us never to fear….he would have thought the same were it not for the GPS advising us that the road Eunice lives on was perpendicular to this road (goat path?) just a few hundred feet ahead!

We came to a large hill and the hilarity grew even more intense! By this time, the giggling had grown to full-blown laughter.  I turned and asked if the ladies ever had any drivers take them on an “adventure” before! Sarah Mae spontaneously roared, “This is a first!”

We made it down to the botom of the hill to find that Eunice’s house was only maybe half a mile down the road!  This caused another round of laughter and as we pulled into the driveway, Noah (Eunice’s husband) and Chris were out in front of the house, waiting!

We unloaded Eunice’s luggage and groceries and were ready to drop off the others.  Noah gave us some sweet corn and a huge zucchini from the garden before we left.  It was almost with some sadness when Sarah Mae and her daughter left the truck..

I asked Mark what he thought of the trip and he said he enjoyed it!  He couldn’t believe how happy the ladies and girls were.  We smiled as I said that I imagine there will be laughter aplenty amongst the Amish when Eunice and Sarah Mae tell friends and family about our most awesome “adventure”!