From our Camping Experience and Beyond

I definitely need to upload all the photos from my Nikon and be done with them!

In the meantime,  I will offer some photos from our time spent at Darien Lake State Park.  We have been staying at this park for Kingdom Bound for four years.  We were so surprised this year when we arrived.  While New Yorkers have been threatened with park closures due to financial woes,  this park has gotten quite the makeover!  There are nice paved roads leading to the campground and everything just looks so great!  The swimming area at the park was closed last year,but  this year the beach was alive with sun-worshippers!

The first night camping,  Michelle called for me to come have a look at Murphy.  My goodness, the laddie was having a wee nightcap!  As you can see,  poor little pitiful Murphy was not the least bit humored!

My Nikon camera sat idle in the camper most of the time we were at Kingdom Bound, as I just didn’t want to risk breaking anything while traipsing about. With the heat in “broil” mode,  some days I felt it was a great effort just to make myself move,  let alone carry the camera bag!  I did take a few walks with the Nikon and it got used then.

The day we returned, (last Friday) the kids went to a party at Penn Yan.  Mark and I drove around Keuka Lake a bit.  Keuka is one of the Finger Lakes and there are some beautiful views to be seen!  We parked the truck near the lake for awhile and it was so beautiful the way the sun’s rays filtered through the clouds,  creating golden tones of shimmering reflections on the lake below!

A few years ago, I bought some Calendula seeds to plant around the house in my gardens.  The sad fact is, the emerging little plants looked so “weedlike” ,  I yanked them all out!  Well, my parents brought all sorts of seeds last fall for me to plant.   I threw many Calendula seeds on top of the cedar mulch in front of the house, and sure enough, the plants grew!

How could anyone ever feel downhearted with those gorgeoussunny little faces staring up?

I think that does it with the photos I’ve been “hoarding”!

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Think of little Snoopy dancing about, gleefully, nose pointed straight up into the air. Yes,Snoopy would be doing the Happy Dance.  Well, I am too!

YES! The deep dark chocolate brown is now all done!

Now all that is left is the floor and the “doodads” on the poles!  All of the painting left to do should be a walk in the park.  I am so happy!

Tomorrow, I won’t be able to paint as I am going to be transporting some Amish ladies!  My friend’s mother-in-law is going up to see little Baby Susanna with me, then I am going to bring my friend, her mother-in-law, and two young girls back to their homes.  My friend has been in Rochester since the birth of her baby and the doctors and nurses advised her to take a little break by going back home for a few days.  She has a little boy who is two and I imagine he misses his mama, so it will be good for the whole family.  Please continue to pray for Susanna…she has such a long way to go to be out of the woods. Also pray for Eunice (Susanna’s mom) as she is being so strong, but she is going through some pretty hard times right now, worrying about her little tiny girl.