Never Trust the Weather Report!

Ha! That is what Mark’s advice is, anyway!  Silly me…I listened to the forecast on the radio for Rochester and the northern Finger Lakes region.  I guess my mistake was that hearing the word “rain” sent up flags for me not to commence painting this morning.  The problem was,  I missed the “areas of localized showers” in the report.  Mark just got on the computer and looked at weather maps with radar.  There was nary a spot of showers to be located on the radar screen.  Ah, the Age of Technology.

I was at the dentist office this morning before 8:30.  The dentist said my gums are healing well, but.  Yeah, but.  I asked about the “but” and it seems I have a divot in my gums where the dentist might have to “suture in some more tissue”.  Why does that sound so intolerable……and gross?  Argh.

I got home at about 11 and made something to eat and then when Mark assured me there was no chance of rain,  I ambled outside to grab all my painting goodies and began painting where I left off last week.  I am painting with a deep dark brown and I needed to finish a post,  some places on the railings that were missed by the brush, two wide boards under the porch that run horizontally, and the six eight by eight posts (vertical) upon which the porch is built. All is finished except for the six posts!

After I began painting, Ben came out and joined me.  I was thrilled for the help as he had no qualms about climbing up on the ladder to reach the higher areas.  I don’t really like standing on ladders! We worked on getting the railings touched up and I finished the post on the porch.  The stain began to look like we were going to run out by the time we finished everything but the six posts.  I told Mark and he and Michelle ran to Canandaigua this evening to pick up some more stain to do the posts.

After the posts, we will stain the floor and the porch will be completed except for the little detail work I plan to do on the finials. As all the brown stain has gone on, the porch looks so much better! I cannot wait to finish this task as it has been overlooked for several years now.

The hard part of painting today was the heat! It was so very, very hot.  When I finished cleaning up and putting things away, my face was beet red when I looked in the mirror.  I had (thankfully) made a meatloaf in the slow cooker, so I made some new potatoes and green beans to go along with it and Ben and I ate outside on the back deck.  Mark and Michelle hadn’t arrived home and they said to go ahead without them as these two painters had worked up quite an appetite!

I’m not going to add any pictures here tonight as things have taken some twists and turns!  Ben had a letter to write and wanted some solitude,  and I was not getting any relief from the heat this evening.  We decided to head out to the camper and turn on the air conditioning.  We had just gone out when Michelle came knocking on the camper door telling me my Amish friend had called.  We ended up talking for over an hour again and in my rush to get the SD card from the Nikon, I grabbed the wrong card! ( Yeah, I had left two cards sitting on the night table. Oops!) Not too sure anyone wants to see snow photos from last winter! (Why have those images not been uploaded to the desktop and the card reformatted anyway?)

Well, tomorrow is another day and I figure painting the posts should not take much longer than two or tree hours. We have not picked up the floor stain yet as we are trying to think what a good color would be….we have tentatively decided a light color that closely matches the color of the wood will work well as it might not show dirt as much as a darker color.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for sun. Believe it or not?