So Far Behind!

I am so (nearly hopelessly!) behind in my blog visiting!!! I am going to try to get around to reading some time today.

Before we left for Darien Lake,  I had begun painting (staining, actually) the front porch.  I had no idea that painting railings takes forever!  I spent many hours and on the third day of going at it, Ben joined me to help…what a great help he was!  We were hoping to have most of the porch done before we left, but not so!  Today was no day for painting…the humidty was so high and it finally rained late this afternoon. 

Last night,  I received a call from my Amish friend saying that her baby needed to have a transfusion. We talked for over an hour!  For those who pray,  I ask that you might remember tiny Susanna in your prayers.  She entered this world weighing only one pound, fourteen ounces, and  thirteen inches long! My friend said she is so tiny, she looks like a little doll!  The doctor told Eunice and her husband there will be many “bumps in the road” ahead, but she is trying to remain positive.

I have fallen behind in my blogging, but…well, life seems to be moving along in fast forward lately!

Alrighty, then. The above was written early this morning. “Before* ….

1) I had to use up some apples that were going soft, so I baked an apple pie.

2) We had to contact the college about Ben taking a music course there this fall…which led to me having to make a mad dash for Pastor Bert’s house for a letter of recommendation.  Pastor Bert and his wife left today for New York City because they are flying to Peru along with a medical doctor to treat kids and reach out to the people. (Pastor Bert is originally from Peru)

3) I had to prepare a quick lunch for my starving (NOT!) family

4) Run down to Naples to buy gasoline for the lawnmower

5) Return home and quickly pack three boxes to send out via UPS this afternoon

6) Help Mark

7) Fall on the floor into a big heap of tired humanity!

Oh, I am so tired.  But I did not decide to post this to complain! No, no, no!

On Sunday, after visiting with my Amish friends in Rochester,  Mark and I called Carly and finally did something we had talked about for years and years!

There is an area of Rochester called High Falls.  Yes, there are falls located on the Genesee River there!  Every night, there is a small laser show, complete with fireworks.  We had talked about going to see this for years, but never really found the time to *do* it! 

The laser show is projected onto a large stone wall across from the falls. Unfortunately, when both Carly and I tried to photograph the laser show,  we came up with small parts of the “pictures”.  It was rather funny, but….

Makes for some cryptic photos!

It was really, really dark for the laser show!

But the Genesee Brewery was well lit across the bridge we were atanding on!

Well, if one cannot take good photos at a laser show, how about lasers on buildings?

The laser show was fun, paying tribute to many famous Rochestarians and offering a brief history of the city as well! Now, getting bored and a tad frustrated that laser images do not capture well, I must admit I did get a bit antsy, looking about for some good photo ops.

Did I mention the fireworks?

The bridge we observed the show from had a nice sign with some history…

And an historical marker as well!

As we began making our way back to the parking garage where we left the truck, we passed  by a wall built in 1816, that was part of a forge. Of course, this piqued Mark’s interest.  It really was quite interesting, especially the way it was so nicely lit in the dark!

The thing that immediately caught my eye at the forge was the huge water wheel!

And another look at the wheel…

Although downtown Rochester isn’t my cup of tea, day or night,  this area was fascinating and so beautiful!

Ah, yes! This is an historical district, making it a desirable section of the city! We noticed there were little signs throughout the area,  designating walking tours of the area.. Now, if we can just rope Carly long enough to take us on a tour!

Mark commented later that he lived in the city some thirty years and had never visited this place before!  Can you imagine?