Where’s the “Life Rewind” Button?

And why am I posting this at 1:30am? No! I do not intend to turn into a night owl, posting blog entries late at night.

After going to bed late last night,  the Scottie boys decided to do a little nail-tapping dance duet across the hardwood floors at 5:15 this morning.  There was no way I was going to concede to their notion that I should arise even before the sun came up…no way at all!  I hopped out of bed and took them outside, returning to bed where I linger until the unbelievable hour of 9!

Our mailman came by late this morning, delivering a large handful of mail since we had the mail held at the post office while we were gone.   As I sorted through the pile,  I spotted a letter from my Amish friend’s mother-in-law.  I quickly opened it and couldn’t believe what I read!  My Amish friend, Eunice, was due to have a baby October 26.  Well, the little one apparently wanted to see the world,  arriving three months early on July 17.

I had been doing laundry this morning and was getting tired so fast!  The kids wanted to go to see their friends’ band perform up in Rochester tonight.  Their friend Jonathon is leaving once again, for college soon so he won’t be playing with the band until next summer.

I found out that Eunice is staying at up in Rochester, so I thought since the kids wanted to go there anyway,  I could visit with her. And so, we left this afternoon for another adventure. 

The kids did see the band and I did indeed visit with Eunice.  We did arrive back home at nearly 1am! I am soooo tired!