No, I’m not talking about frying pans. Nope.

This is a (very, very rowdy!!!!) group by the name of Skillet.  The kids were all so excited about hearing this group  the elderly; well….not so much!  Can you say LOUD?  Well, perhaps it didn’t help we were sitting far too close to twelve speakers. Prepare for the following photos, including pyrotechnics!

I gotta hand it to Panasonic. That little point and shoot captured movement incredibly well!  I was amazed at the results.  Believe me when I say this group is very high energy. They are described as “hard rock”,  “industrial rock”, and “symphonic rock”.

Yes, violin and cello as I have never heard it before, including elevated!

The last song…..

And the encore.

Wow. This concert certainly made me feel alive!

Before the Skillet show, we did see a (much, much milder) group from Canada called Down Here.  It was so hot, I only got a photo of the lead singer, not wanting to even leave my seat!

We also saw and loved (as always) from New Zealand, Phil Joel.  Phil told the audience that for the last year and a half,  he had been working on a “special project”; and, in June this year, he became an American citizen.

We also enjoyed Reggie Dabbs. What a powerful speaker Reggie is, indeed! He was accompanied by a group of young actors and actresses from Oklahoma. Their presentation was so intense, I didn’t take any photos at all.

All in all, a rather remarkable Tuesday!  Tonight is Toby Mac on the big stage.  Toby always packs the house and give a very high energy performance.  This is the day when the kids get all melancholy and recall all the events they have taken in.  This is the last day of Kingdom Bound…..