KB 2010/ Sunday and Monday

Yes!  We are enjoying our time here at Kingdom Bound!

The only problem that is hindering my total enjoyment is the }heat{!  Oh my. It is so warm and humid.

Sunday night,  we got to see The Newsboys in concert;  all I can say is, WOW! Last year when we saw The Newsboys, it was shortly after Peter Furler had announcd he was no longer going to be touring with the group.  Michael Tait was working in his new capacity as lead singer and he seemed just a little subdued.  This year,  Michael  looked as comfortable and at home as he could be.

On Monday evening, we went to a concert to hear NewWorldSon.  This group, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, is one of Mark’s favorites….they have a “bluesy” sound that Mark really appreciates.  We had bought one of their CD’s the previous night, so I brought it along with me. Yes! They had an autograph session following the concert so I waited in line for about 45 minutes to get their autographs on the CD for Mark.  Surprise, surprise!

The big show of the night was Mercy Me.  Well, Bart Millard was as fabulous as ever and we enjoyed yet another concert! 

All throughout Kingdom Bound, there are a few different stages and one can choose just where they would like to go to hear what they like. The kids generally come and sit with us during the big concert of the night so we can all leave together.  It is quite late when we get back to the camper and sleep seems rather diminished.  All is well, though!  Only one more day to go after tonight. Then the kids will begin counting the days down until Kingdom Bound 2011!