Retreat to the Hills

After spending a few very pleasant hours at Ganondagan last Sunday, when I arrived home, the kids had made plans to meet some of their friends in Naples.  Mark asked if I wanted to ride along.  At first,  I was reluctant.  I was kind of tired after spending time walking around a good part of the day.  When Mark mentioned he wanted to take me for a ride into the hills,  well, how could I resist?

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  1. Amazing! I wasn’t aware Cohocton had a bunch of windmills!! Looks very similar to the ones in Lowville…great set of shots!!

  2. On the way up to drop my daughter off at camp we pass a wind farm. I regret not taking pictures now. It’s up near the Tug Hill region just before you get inside of the Adirondack Park.

  3. Jeanne and Priscilla, four years ago, when I first began blogging, we went on a little adventure to Lewis County to check it out as ATV’s are allowed access on many roads! We discovered the windfarm at Lowville then. If you look under the July archives, 2006, you can see! Only problem is, my photography wasn’t so great then!!!!

  4. Great set of pictures. Apparently not all the residents of Cohocton are pleased with the new landscape, eh? One of these days, when we don’t have a million things going on, I’ll have to talk Jeff into going for a ride to see them for myself!

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