A Walk at Ganondagan

I mentioned in my previous entry that  Carly, Jeff, Sarah, Erin, and I went for a walk while visiting Ganondagan.  Our walk actually began when we went along a path to the Longhouse.

Of course we had to take a look inside!  The first photo is of the “ceiling” structure, looking up!

There are signs located all throughout the park.  Many explain how Native Americans used  various elements found in nature.   I am posting a few of the signs I thought were interesting.

Following are some random photos taken while on our walk.  What an awesome place Ganondagan is…it is as though with just a little imagination, one can be whisked back to another place, another time.  

As though to lend just a bit of an air of authenticity, a Great Blue Heron flew overhead!  There was also a hawk hovering nearby,  but I didn’t get a good photo.

Ganondagan…a really interesting and very wonderful place to visit!

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