Erin’s Birthday Adventure!

On Saturday, we were off on quite the adventure.  Erin’s birthday is on this Wednesday, but she will be attending a hockey camp, so we celebrated a little early.  We met Carlyand Jeff, along with their kids (Kyle, Sarah, and Erin) and Jeff’s parents, Madeline and Cy, at Corning Glass down in Corning, New York.  Carly had planned this trip and for her birthday, Erin was going to get to make a pretty little pendant from glass!

We met in the parking lot and let me tell you, it was an astronomically *HOT* day.  The heat was enough to make one break out in a sweat doing nothing at all,  but the humidity that accompanied it made breathing labored!  You cannot imagine how wonderful it was to walk into the air conditioned building for the next few hours!  It was like instant relief.

As soon as we entered, I was thrilled!  My Google desktop has been customized to include work by glass artist, Dale Chihuly.  I love his wild sculptures composed of blown glass in bright colors.  I could not believe that within just a few feet of me was a Dale Chihuly creation!

This was a spherical glass that distorted what was in front of it.  (Cy on the left and Sarah upside-down!)

After being inside the lovely air-conditioned facility for awhile,  I am afraid I was getting quite warm.  Even though the temperature was cool compared to the miserable weather outside,  I was getting so warm!  And so, I am afraid I refrained from shooting as many photos as I normally would.  There were also many people and as time progressed, so did the crowds!

The “egg” shaped structure below was interesting. Jeff and Erin sat on one end and Sarah on the other.  They could whisper very quietly on the one end and the other(s) on the other end could clearly hear what they were saying!

A periodic table of elements made of glass! Very cool!

We all got a bit hungry walking around, so we wet to the cafeteria and grabbed a bite to eat.  We walked around some more and then it was time to head to another building for Erin’s appointment.  This area has several Corning Glass workers there to assist visitors in making treasures.  Most of the glassware must be left there and will be shipped to the receipient later.

The following ornaments are offered for adults to make.  Once a visitor is ready to make a piece, they are all suited up with protective gear to keep heat away from skin!

The area where we waited had cases where items could be dislpayed….

The following are just a few of the items that caught my eye.

We got tired sitting and waiting so we walked around behind the area where Erin was working.  There were two glass studios there where people (students?) were working, creating glassware.

After Erin made her piece, we walked over to the gift shop where we looked around.  After this, my neck was tired from carrying the Nikon, so Michelle and I walked back to the truck to put it away.  This time, when we walked outside, the heat and humidity was nearly overwhelming.  When we opened the door of the truck, the intense heat that shot out at us was insane!

Of course, *after* dropping off the Nikon, I would see what else?

Yes, another Chihuly! (taken with my phone!)

We weren’t there much longer and we headed to our house, as did Carly’s family, and Madeline and Cy.  We had sanwiches, crackers, cheese, birthday cake and various other goodies while the skies grew darker and darker outside. That was when the thunderstorm let loose causing the damage shown in the previous post. 

Near my hometown, there were at least two tornadoes.  One was in the small town of Randolph, where Carly spent her life from 2 years to age 11.  The damage there was extensive….the tornado encompased a path1/2 mile wide by seven miles long.  The town is currently under curfew in a state of emergency!  People are told not to leave their homes after 9 PM.  The other tornado was in the Chautauqua County seat of Mayville. 

Oh, and for those who are reading from European or other foreign regions, the Corning Glass Center in the Finger Lakes Region!

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