Getting a Bit Ahead of Myself!

I was going to post about yesterday, as we celebrated Erin’s birthday, but am switching gears to advance to today.  I am hoping Carly and her mother-in-law, Madeline, are able to see this soon.  The reason I wanted them to see it is because when they left our home last night,  they were redirected by the fire department to divert on a detour as the downpours we had did some damage.

I got up this morning as usual, but asked Mark if we could take a little ride to see if we could see any damage.  Last night, while our company was visiting, we had one particular clap of thunder that was so loud and close, I thought the house was rocking!  It was followed by a ridiculous amount of heavy rain.

The first leg of our little outing took us north up state route 64 to Bristol.  While we love living in the hills, there is always a concern for water coming dowm the hills.  The Finger Lakse Region features deep ravines running through the hills  which generally safely steer rain to lower ground.  Sometimes, however, we receive more rain than normal and some problems can arise.  A couple years ago,  the state must have spent a great deal of money on repairing the small bridges passing Mud Creek as it crosses route 64 back and forth several times.  Thankfully, the bridges are doing a fine job but the ravines caused some problems!

The road was basically littered right near Bristol with debris ranging from silt and gravel to large pieces of trees!

The photo below shows how the dirt and gravel washed down from the hill and completely clogged the pipe which is supposed to carry the water under the road!

As we headed back south our of Bristol,  I told Mark that Madeline said there was a problem along state route 21 as well.  We decided to travel up Dugway Road over to 21.  My oh my!  Dugway Road is rather “rustic” to begin with, but last night’s rain caused quite the “washboard”  effect! 

The big surprise was when we reached 21 near a road we frequently travel to get to our house.  Mark thinks a downdraft caused all this damage. It was basically limited to two houses….

Kudos to those who worked to clear the roadway.  It was in great shape and I am sure there had to be a lot of activity involved to get it passable in some places. 

We drove on down to Woodville to see if they had any damage down there. Thankfully, everything was okay!  As we sat near the boat launch for a bit,   we saw three eagles land in the tree where they frequent.  We watched for awhile, then we headed on home, feeling  all was well!

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  1. Wow! I knew, from the reactions of the firemen we encountered at the roadblock, that the storm must have caused considerable damage, but fortunately for us, it was too dark to see much of it as we wandered through the detour. Imagine how scary it must have been for the people in those hard-hit areas!

  2. Wow! Over on Knapp Rd there is huge sinkhole in front of my friend, Gudrun’s house!

    When Jamie and I were looking to buy a house ten years ago, we drove over to Dugway to see a house for sale. When we saw it, we kept driving…it was a total dump! We are ambitious…but not THAT ambitious!

  3. Madeline, I cannot even BEGIN to imagine what the people living in those two houses on 21 felt! Those pines were HUGE!!! And, very close to both houses….One of the houses just recently had new people buy and move in!

    On 64, there were actually places where the water coming down the hillside crossed the road. That would be scarey-from the looks of things, it was NOT just a little water wandering towards the house!

    Priscilla, Dugway Road is a “study in contrasts” to be sure! You know the theme, one extreme to the other! That is really scarey….Gudrun has a sinkhole by her house???

  4. Actually…yes. She HAD a sink hole in front of her house. I’m friends with her on facebook and yesterday she posted pics of some men fixing it!

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