I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

We seem ro have such a bumper crop of wild sunflowers this year, even those members of the family who fail to notice the native flora are making comments about how pretty those “yellow flowers are”! 

Taken with the cell. (with a bonus of a couple of bugs added!)


Our weather has been so incredible lately with frequent fast-moving thunderstorms producing copious amounts of rainfall!  We’ll take it, of course, but what storms we’ve been having!

A Bit of a Change!

I get up well before everyone else each morning to take the Scottie boys outside.  I don’t mind as they are my Scotties! (I cannot imagine life without a good little canine friend! )

This morning,  I popped out of bed and fed the boys.  I was getting ready to take them outside after they ate, but my summer pajamas,  consisting of a short sleeved top and shorts, would not offer much protection from the downpour! I quickly slipped on a big zippered sweatshirt hanging near the door.  The sweatshirt was so large, it came down to my knees! (Okay, I have previously established I *am* very short!)

The boys and I hopped out the door and down the steps.  We were outside a total of maybe ten minutes and by the time we were heading back up the stairs,  I was shivering!  WOW!  I haven’t felt that sensation in ages!  It felt so good to feel cool.  My flipflops squeaked from the wetness as I walked across the front porch and the Scotties shook and shook, trying to shake off the excessive moisture on their coats!

Yes, it is cool and wet and I am loving it!  I heard on the radio that it is supposed to warm up and be very humid today, so I am totally enjoying this comfortable break while I may!

Yesterday morning,  I was standing on the porch looking at the flowers and bushes below. I noticed movement on the Butterfly Bush, and sure enough, the little Hummingbird Moth was back once again.  I had mounted my longer lens on the Nikon, so I went upstairs to grab it, hoping the little moth wouldn’t fly away.  I did manage a fairly good photo of the little bugger at work amongst the flowers on the bush….

If you enlarge this photo, you can see the little moth pretty well. This photo is much better than the ones I took a couple days ago with the Panasonic.   I wish I could get closer and get a better shot, but this moth is quite timid.  Even standing several feet above and away from it,  it moved rapidly, trying to get away from me and the camera!

I also got a rather grungy shot that I cropped just to show the moth as it flew away, its proboscis coiled….

I have been taking photos and playing around with my camera on the cell a lot.  The day before yesterday, we had the strangest weather I’ve seen!  The skies were an intense blue with puffy white clouds of the harmless variety.  Suddenly, the sky would darken and we heard awesome thunder to the northwest.  As the storm grew closer, we found ouselves in such downpours, it was hard to imagine so much rain coming down so rapidly!  The rain stopped abruptly and the blue skies once again appeared!  This played out several times throughout the day.  Carly said they had hail in Rochester, but we didn’t have that.  I captured the sky in a cell photo that can only be described as “changeable skies”!

Yesterday was bright and sunny, but quite warm.  We left the house in the afternoon as we had some running around to do.  We had to go to the county treasurer’s office,  the DMV,  the bank,  Finger Lakes Community College, Lowe’s, and Wal Mart.  After finishing this up,  we took the kids to the mall so they could support their friends’ band who was playing at a store there.

Mark and I went to the mall before the show with Michelle, as she is thinking she might like to get a cell phone.  Yes, our children seem the only ones on Planet Earth who have managed to age well into their teen years sans a cell phone!  Michelle has been given Mark’s phone when she attends classes at college and that worked well, but she is thinking she would now like a phone of her own.  My, sometimes it is hard seeing our children grow up, isn’t it?  And yes, she really isn’t a child anymore,  but a young lady….adult….with ideas of her own!

Michelle never did decide to go with a particular phone.  Very much her father’s daughter, she ponders and logically thinks things through before making a decision.  Very rarely will one find Michelle acting on impulse. 

After looking at phones and hearing the details of the various plans offered,  Mark and I visited with the mom of one of the kids in the band.  We had a really nice visit,  then Mark and I went out to the truck.  As I walked out the mall entrance,  I had to snap a photo of a pretty pink Hibiscus flower.  The Eastview Mall in Victor has the most lush and beautiful gardens I’ve seen in any of the local malls.

Once we were headed toward the truck,  we spotted the new LL Bean store,  located across the parking lot from the mall.  Mark and I both wanted to check out this new (sporting goods and outdoor) store.  We wandered on over and enjoyed looking around the store for a few minutes.  Before entering the store,  I really did need to capature a photo of the giant boot outside!

It was a busy day and I think my brain was smoking after hearing so many numbers and facts at the DMV and the Sprint phone kiosk!  I was shocked that in order to simply take the driver’s test in New York, kids under 18 need to pay $100 for a five hour course.  Fees seem to have surpassed anything I would have imagined!  As far as phone plans, well, that’s another story.  Mark made the comment that many people would probably pay their cell bill before eating if push came to shove.  As I tought about it,  I think he might be right.  Sad.

We didn’t arrive home until after ten o’clock and I was dragging!  The Scotties were so thrilled to see us and by the time I took them outside and gave them a treat, it was nearly eleven!  This morning,  Michelle called out to me to come and see….

Yes, Michelle informed me that little Angus was cold, so he hopped up next her and snuggled against her, thus causing her to cover him up from the chill!