Kitchen Adventure!

After our totally awesome experience eating at Aladdin’s the other day,  I have been thinking about goodies to make at home.  I get tired of making the same old stuff all the time, but ruts get rather comfortable sometimes!

I had placed some chicken and veggies in some Teriyaki sauce that I  I wanted to make into  some shish-kabobs. I tried to think about something that was “light” to eat with them and was having a tough time trying to come up with something.  Suddenly, I thought…pitas!  Not that I *had* any pitas.  Well, living in this great technological time,  I looked online and found a recipe to make your own pitas! Terrific!! Or, maybe….

I whipped the dough up in the magical Kitchen Aid food processor.  Ah, so lovely to have a machine that will knead dough on command!  There are times when kneading dough is therapeutic, but with my stomach growling and three others looking for something to eat,  I opted for fast!

As the dough was proofing in the oven,  I put together the shish-kabobs to grill outside.  When the dough was ready, I was truly amazed at how easy making the pitas was.  They bake for a grand total of only seven minutes, so they are quick once the mixing and proofing part is done.

So, using the camera on my cell phone yet again,  how do you think I did?

This is my Greek Salad with lettuce, onion, black olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese topped with my own dressing made with Balsamic Vinegar.  The salad was certainly a hit!

Yeah, my shish-kabobs got a tad charred and Mark said the chicken was overcooked.  I didn’t think mine was, but a little blackening on my food doesn’t bother me.   The chicken was less than dry, so Michelle and I gave it a thumbs-up!

The pitas?  They were fabulous!  Ben decided he loved them so much, he cut one in half and made a turkey sandwich with it.  He claims he doesn’t like shish-kabobs.  Well, I know he isn’t fond of peppers and mushrooms, so I guess that’s just Ben.  I made a total of ten pitas and now, there are three left.  I guess the pitas were indeed a hit!

We ate a late lunch and now that it is almost dinner time, I am far from hungry!  No one else seems too interested in eating either.  So, I guess this adventure would be rated a success!

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  1. Your pictures are fabulous!!! No Way can you tell you took them with your phone!!! What kind of phone did you get?? And the home cooked Aladdin type food looks terrific!! I actually like my chicken kind of charbroiled! Charcoal is good for you!!

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