Aren’t Some Things Just Better *Concealed*?

When we were traveling home after viewing the fireworks display in Canandaigua on the night of July 4th,  we saw a most awesome *home* display as we drove down Route 21.  There were people gathered around a bonfire and fireworks were going up rather rapidly.  We paused a moment and couldn’t believe people could/would spend a small fortune on such an elaborate home display.  We did think back, though, to the evening of the 3rd, when it seemed like every family on Conesus Lake was igniting fireworks…there was no way they could have afforded to hire that many licensed pyrotechnicians.  We merely reasoned that on the 4th, the police just kind of turn their heads the other way so long as no one is seriously injured.

That said,  it is illegal to light fireworks in the state of New York.  I certainly would not desire to do it, let alone be caught!

So,  back to the home previously mentioned.  They have had the same “stack” of stuff sitting at the end of their driveway for maybe a week?  We saw it there before we left for Sabres Development Camp last Tuesday.  Ben assured us of that….

So, knowing the very essence of fireworks, would *you* willfully place these “leftovers” into your waste management truck?  Hmm…I am thinking perhaps the employees of their waste disposal company are  thinking the same!

Oh, Mark said if this was his mess, he would have burned it!  I mean, police vehicles do travel this route, after all!  And, I do believe there must be some logical explanation! Bet it raises a lot of eyebrows, though!