Not Fair, Say I!

After our lovely time out for a few days,  immediately upon arriving home,  my stomach has decided to do acrobatics at my expense…cramps, cramps, and more cramps.  I thought I was all better last night so I ate a piece of pizza.  I went to bed later, feeling fine.  I slept the entire night with no problems.  This morning, after a cup of morning tea, the acrobatics have begun yet again.  Feeling hungry, I went down to prepare a Spring Roll for something good to munch.  I thought I was going to die as I prepared it, so I abandoned it and Michelle put everything away for me.  Not fair. Not fair at all!

Yesterday, the kids attended a graduation party for one of their friends.  It was held at a park not far from our house, so Mark drove them on over.   Since my stomach was beginning to feel better, we decided to go for a little ride. I asked Mark to take a drive along the lake road….that ride is so soothing to my soul.  Mark agreed and as always, it was an interesting drive.

We came to the Wegmans Organic Farm and Mark decided to drive up the road that runs perpendicular to the lake road.  He had never really looked at the vegetable beds and he just wanted to see the farm. I was in awe of the gorgeous Meadow Flowers growing along the fencing….it was so beautiful!

After enjoying the flowers, Mark turned the Explorer around and went back toward the lake road.  Suddenly, he stopped.  He looked at me and said,  “Katya, I think I just saw two fawns lying in the grass back there”.  Well!!!  Back UP! And he did….

The fawns were fairly large and they were just resting and looking so beautiful! (The Wegmans Organic Farm has very tall fences just across the road from where these little ones were enjoying a pretty summer’s day.  The high fences are intended to keep deer out of the gardens!)

Mark commented on just how beautiful and peaceful it was there….you could see the lake below, and everything just looked so “perfect”! Even the little fawns didn’t seem overly-concerned about the humans looking at them!

We went to Canandaigua and checked out the progress at Finger Lakes Community College where Michelle attends. They are building and expanding like crazy! Wow!  That is one community college that is growing!

We picked up a pizza for the kids on the way home and it looked so good, I had some!  Everything seemed so fine, afterwards….until this morning!

Not fair, say I, again!  I won’t tolerate this much longer. It HAS to GO!!!!