Photohunters: Free



I must admit….I scratched my head and wondered what, exactly,  I would use for this week.  We were on a mini-vacation the past several days,  attending the Buffalo Sabres Development Camp.  (hockey) 

Well, yesterday, we decided to take a little trip to Lewiston, New York,  and in so doing, I came upon what I think is an awesome depiction of the theme “Free”! 

These statues are a tribute to the many brave people of Lewiston, who stood for what they believed, helping slaves who escaped from the south cross over to Canada where they would truly be free! 

I was so disappointed that it was pouring down rain in torrents when I took these photos, but in looking back, it was profound, really.  Many of the slaves crossing over the river faced much worse adverse conditions such as bounty hunters and the uncertainty that they would be able to make it.  If you have a few minutes, I have also included the story board below which gives a good desription of the statue.

As I stood photographing this statue in the rain (I am ever so gratedul to my trusty little Panasonic camera which also provided last week’s entry!!)  I felt so overwhelmed by the very presence of this statue.  It  made me wonder….would I have also laid my life on the line like the brave souls of Lewiston?