Home once Again

This morning, we got up and began packing the truck and camper to leave our little “home” for the past few days.  The kids and I scurried about, as the skies grew more and more threatening as time passed.

Everything secured, we pulled out just as the monsoons rain arrived.  This wasn’t a gentle little spritz, either, but a downpour!  I had a feeling the rain we would get would come in torrents, as the heat we experienced came with intense humidity.  How long could the atmosphere hold all that moisture without spilling over?

The rain continued as we arrived at the arena to watch the Sabres Development Camp.  I sat in the rather chilly rink in my rain-doused skirt and sweatshirt, shivering!  The event for the day was a game and it was fabulous to observe. Mark noted several players he is thinking we will be seeing on the team and for the third year in a row, we were totally awed by Nathan Gerbe.  What he lacks in height, he makes up for in skill and speed!  We are sure he must have turbo-chargers in his skates!

We left the rink and began to head for home, stopping to get food and gas.  The kids were so happy to be going home and I really didn’t mind so much, either, as the temperature was at least 25 or 30 degrees cooler than the previous three days! 

We are home and I am so exhausted. Mark (finally) admitted once we were home that the hot weather really seemed to take a toll on all of us!  Hmmmm……