Haha! Dorothy Was SOOOOOOO Wrong!

We aren’t in Kansas but it feels like we are in the desert! Mark said on the news last night,  they told us we are experiencing a “heat wave”.  Gee, do you suppose we could have surmised that on our own?  The thermometer in the truck has been reading anywhere in the 90’s to 108 degrees.  That is *hot*.  Too hot. Even my summer-loving friends have been crying uncle in this little “spell”.

I won’t even begin to tell what has happened to my usual demeanor.  Okay, so if you truly must know, think “dragon lady”……fire-breathing and all! Yes. I.am.miserable.

Well, the great news (that goes above and beyond just plain old “good”) is that we have been living in our little camper the past few days.  The reason that is good is because the little camper is air conditioned! 

It is that time of the year when we make the annual journey toward Buffalo for Sabres Development Camp.  We get to see all the young Sabres prospects working on the ice.  Even more, this year, we get to enjoy the fantastic cool temperature inside the ice rink!  Believe me, it is fantastic!

If there is any downside to the camp, it is that the workout on ice is only an hour and a half or two.  Now, if we could sit and watch these fellows play for maybe four or five hours….

Yesterday, we took Ben and Michelle to the Fort Niagara State Park where they went swimming in an awesome pool.  There is also a pool dedicated to waterslides, so they could have even more fun in the sun and  it is a short distance from the campground where we are staying. While the kids enjoyed their time splashing in the pool,  Mark and I went for a ride. 

We wound up in Youngstown, which is just “down the street” from the fort.  I took a few photos there, but they look a bit junky as it is so hazy, everything looks blurry and out of focus!

The yachts above are located at the Youngstown Yacht Club, which is located right next to one of the sweetest public launches I’ve seen.

This is a beautiful little park. Amazing and beautiful!

That land on the other side of the water (only a few hundred yards) is Canada! Mark has come to the conclusion that perhaps we need to get the enhance drivers’ licenses so we can travel across the bridges.  We kind of miss going on over to Canada!

Here are just three shots from the Sabres camp. 

And in closing, here is a shot of Sabretooth, the Buffalo Sabres Mascot.  Sabretooth was kind enough to pose just for me!

I hope the weather isn’t so incredibly hot where you are!  And, if it is, please stay cool! I will!

Oh, and as far as Dorothy is concerned, home is NOT where I want to be right now.  The air conditioned trailer is so pleasant.  we get the added bonus of lake breezes, too, as the campground is on the shores of Lake Ontario.