Time to Clean Up the SD Card!

I will be the first to admit it.  I am *horrible* at uploading my photos off the cameras. There are two good reasons, though.

The first reason is that the computer that stores the photographs is located in our office.  The problem there is that Mark is often working at the desk when I have the opportunity to work on uploading the photos.  It is pretty hard to find space to work around Mark while he is at the desk, so I kind of give up and forget about the whole process.  Of course,  the only time I ever think about the SD card is while Mark is sitting at the desk.

The second reason why my camera has nearly 1,000 images on the SD card at any given time is because I am lazy.  There, I said it!  Mark has suggested I sit down and find a good photo storage system,  but that requires work.  And, then there is the process of going through all the photos and classifying them.  Oh dear….do you think I could be allergic to such labor?

Okay, so you get the idea….I am just plain out procrastinating!  But, lucky you, Dear Reader!  I have been looking through my card and thought I would put out a little spread for you!

Spread?  Oh YES!  Mmmmm…..blame Carly, but she has gotten me on a Spring Roll kick that I cannot seem to kick!  Carly makes her Spring Rolls meatless, but I discovered that by adding some meat, these things are a whole meal! Here is a good idea of what components I use…..

Excuse the soiled tablecloth.  No matter how hard I try, that tablecloth is perpetually dirty.  I had just put it on the table after removing it from the dryer.  It was clean when I placed it on the table,  but within minutes….may be even seconds, it was soiled!

So….in the wrapper, we have Spring Roll wraps. Cheap, cheap, cheap these wraps are! AND, they require NO cooking. Yay!

In the large pasta bowl (Yes, that is a pasta bowl. I have no oriental dishes!) is Savoy Cabbage,  Snow Peas and Carrots, thinly sliced chicken that I stir-fry in a little Teryaki Sauce and garlic, and lastly, rice noodles which also require no cooking!  I very lightly steam the veggies, placing them in a colander inside a dutch oven.  I steam them about 2 minutes just so they retain their “crunch”, but don’t have such a “raw” flavor.

The tiny cup contains Duck Sauce.  Carly served Plum Sauce with her Spring Rolls,  but I really like Duck Sauce even better.  I use very little, but I like the sweet flavor.  Lastly, there are green onions which I do not steam. 

Spring Roll wrappers come in a package of 36.  A serving is 6 of the wrappers for 200 calories.  Amazing.  They look like plastic discs when removed from their package and the most amazing thing is that after dipping them into a bowl of warm water for about 15 seconds, they become very flexible!

I place the softened wrapper on my plate and load it with all the goodies!

Then it’s time to roll!

The wrappers become somewhat sticky….to themselves, making it a breeze to gently roll them up!  Two sides are folded toward the center, then we begin to roll.

And, the finished product.

Oops. I had to reroll this particular roll becuase in my effort to photograph my food, I forgot to dd the chicken!  That’s okay….I unrolled it, added the chicken, then rolled it back up.  It was delicious!

These Spring Rolls are fabulous to serve when it is too hot to cook.  They require little work and I just place the elements all out on the table.  Everyone enjoys dipping the wrapper into the water and adding whatever goodies they desire.  It really is fun.

I always think I am soooo hungry, I could eat a dozen of these Spring Rolls.  Try as I might,  I have found I can only eat two, max. 

And, speaking of food,  Michelle attended her friend’s graduation party on Saturday afternoon.  The location was out in the country and we wound up parking next to a wheat field!

Lastly,  I was on the telephone with my dentist’s wife on Saturday when a butterfly landed on my tiny Hydrangea Bush. I wonder if she heard the shutter moving as I tried my darndest to capture the little bugger!  I didn’t mean to be rude, but we don’t often see butteflies in the woods!  I did plant some Daisies that are supposed to attract them though.

That is called a Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly.  Even though a brown butterfly isn’t the most awesome-sounding species, it was quite pretty perched on the bright green leaves of the Hydrangea!

Okay, so that does it.  A diverse post tonight.  Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) I will get those photos removed from the card!  Perhaps.

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  1. Mmmmm…those spring rolls look delicious. There is a Vietnamese restaurant near me, among many, that brings out the meat, a small charcoal fire, vegies, rice paper and hot water and you put it all together as you want. Wonderful.

    Great photos of nature too.

    Happy SD card tidying! 🙂

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